To Name Those Lost

To Name Those LostSummer 1874, and Launceston teeters on the brink of anarchy After abandoning his wife and child many years ago, the Black War veteran Thomas Toosey must return to the city to search for William, his now motherless twelve year old son He travels through the island s northern districts during a time

Fatal Impact (Dr. Anya Crichton, #7)

Fatal Impact (Dr. Anya Crichton, #7)THE SEVENTH CRIME NOVEL IN THE BRILLIANT ANYA CRICHTON SERIES A SERIOUS RIVAL TO PATRICIA CORNWELL S DR KAY SCARPETTA When forensic pathologist Dr Anya Crichton finds a dead child covered in blood and stuffed into a toy box, her thoughts immediately turn to murder Then the post mortem reveals

The Ambitions of Jane Franklin: Victorian Lady Adventurer

The Ambitions of Jane Franklin: Victorian Lady AdventurerA genius at publicity before the term existed, Jane Franklin was a celebrity in the mid 19th century This is her remarkable life, including her extensive travels, her years in Tasmania as the governor s wife, and her very public battle to save husband, the Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin, from

Into That Forest

Into That ForestTwo girls.Two tigers.Four years in the wild Two girls survive a terrible flood in the Tasmanian bush and are rescued by a pair of Tasmanian tigers who raise them in the wild Their story of survival is remarkable, as they adapt to the life of the tiger, learning to hunt and to communicate without

Lost Voices

Lost VoicesTwice winner of the Miles Franklin Award, Christopher Koch returns with a remarkable novel of gripping narrative power Young Hugh Dixon believes he can save his father from ruin if he asks his estranged great uncle Walter a wealthy lawyer who lives alone in a Tasmanian farmhouse passed down

The Last Tiger

The Last TigerA Tasmanian set tale about a family of Lithuanian immigrantsand the secrets they bring with them to Van Dieman s Land It s 1910 and 12 year old Myko and his family have fled the Czarist occupation of their native Lithuania for the freedom of America only to discover their ship has arrived in

The Black War: Fear, Sex and Resistance in Tasmania

The Black War: Fear, Sex and Resistance in TasmaniaBetween 1825 and 1831, close to 200 Britons and 1,000 Aborigines died violently in Tasmania s Black War It was by far the most intense frontier conflict in Australia s history, yet many Australians know little about it The Black War takes a unique approach to this historic event, looking chiefly

When the Night Comes

When the Night ComesThe hauntingly beautiful story of a young girl transformed by the power of kindness from award winning author Favel Parrett Running away from the mainland was supposed to make their lives better But, for Isla and her brother, their mother s sadness and the cold, damp greyness of Hobart s stone

Bay of Fires

Bay of FiresSarah Avery s reckless behavior has cost her a job, her boyfriend, and the independence she desperately craves Reluctantly home for the holidays in the tiny seaside town where her parents live, her hopes for calm are shattered when she finds the body of a young female backpacker, washed up on the

Poet's Cottage

Poet's CottagePoets had always lived there, the locals claimed It was as if the house called to its own When Sadie inherits Poet s Cottage in the Tasmanian fishing town of Pencubitt, she sets out to discover all she can about her notorious grandmother, Pearl Tatlow Pearl was a children s writer who

A Bone of Fact

A Bone of FactDavid Walsh the creator of Mona in Hobart is both a giant and an enigma in the Australian art world A multi millionaire who made his money gambling, David has turned a wild vision into a unique reality he is in turns controversial, mysterious and idolised A Bone of Fact is his utterly

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

The Sound of One Hand ClappingThe Australian Booksellers Association Book of the Year begins in 1954, in Tasmania where Bojan Buloh brings his family to start a new life away from Slovenia s privations of war and refugee settlements Bojan s wife abandons him to care for their three year old daughter Sonja alone Sonja returns

English Passengers

English PassengersIn 1857 when Captain Illiam Quillian Kewley and his band of rum smugglers from the Isle of Man have most of their contraband confiscated by British Customs, they are forced to put their ship up for charter The only takers are two eccentric Englishmen who want to embark for the other side of the

Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish

Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve FishOnce upon a time that was called 1828, before all the living things on the land and the fishes in the sea were destroyed, there was a man named William Buelow Gould, a convict in Van Dieman s Land who fell in love with a black woman and discovered too late that to love is not safe Silly Billy

Blank 133x176

Blank 133x176The most significant colonial history since The Fatal Shore In re imagining Australia s past, it invents a new future Richard Flanagan cover endorsement Van Diemen s Land is a new, groundbreaking history of the settlement of Tasmania James Boyce s book is filled with new facts and new ideas

Death of a River Guide

Death of a River GuideAljaz Cosini is leading a group of tourists on a raft tour down Tasmania s wild Franklin River when his greatest fear is realized a tourist falls overboard An ordinary man with many regrets, Aljaz rises to an uncharacteristic heroism, and offers his own life in trade Trapped under a rapid and


WantingOne of our most inventive and important international literary voices, Richard Flanagan now delivers Wanting, a powerful and moving tale of colonialism, ambition, and the lusts and longings that make us human It is 1841 In the remote penal colony of Van Diemen s Land, a barefoot aboriginal girl

Past the Shallows

Past the ShallowsBrothers Joe, Harry and Miles live with their father, an abalone fisherman, on the south east coast of Tasmania Everyday their dad battles the unpredictable ocean to make a living He is a hard man, a bitter drinker who harbours a devastating secret that is destroying him Unlike Joe, Harry and