Who Wet My Pants?

Who Wet My Pants?In this hilarious tale of blame, compassion, and forgiveness, a very embarrassed bear is reminded that accidents can happen but with the support of good friends, life goes on.Reuben the bear s got donuts for everyone in his scout troop, but his friends are all staring at something else there s a w

Bruce's Big Storm

Bruce's Big StormBruce s home is already a full house But when a big storm brings all his woodland neighbors knocking, he ll have to open his door to a crowd of animals in need of shelter whether he likes it or not Readers will love this next installment of the uproarious, award winning Mother Bruce series.

Reading Beauty

Reading BeautyOnce upon a planetoid,surrounded by book lovers,a princess, Lex, read morning, noon,and night beneath her covers.When a fairy s curse a deathlike sleep via paper cut threatens to make her kingdom barren of books, it s up to space princess Lex to break the spell and bring books back to her people.

Here and Now

Here and NowA stunning celebration of mindfulness and a meditation on slowing down and enjoying each moment, from the team behind the award winning Windows Explore identity and connection, inspire curiosity, and prompt engaging discussions about the here and now.

I Want a Dog

I Want a DogA girl seeks her perfect pet at a wonderfully unusual animal shelter in this comical read aloud by the award winning creator of Life on Mars The Copley County Animal Shelter has an aardvark, a lizard, a goose, a weasel, and plenty But do they have a puppy The girl with her wagon is ready to a

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza PartyA groovy New York Times bestseller From the bestselling Pete the Cat series, it s a groovy pizza party that you don t want to miss It s a party, a party, a perfect pizza party That s what Pete thinks as he piles the pie high with his favorite topping pepperoni But then his friends come over and

The Dress and the Girl

The Dress and the GirlA little girl and her favorite dress dream of an extraordinary life They enjoy simple pleasures together on a beautiful Greek island They watch the sunset, do chores, and pick wildflowers on the way home One day, the dress and the girl must leave the island and immigrate to the United States Upo

A Stone Sat Still

A Stone Sat StillThe follow up to They All Saw a CatA Stone Sat Still tells the story of a seemingly ordinary rock but to the animals that use it, it is a resting place, a kitchen, a safe haveneven an entire world.

If I Built a School

If I Built a SchoolIn this exuberant companion to If I Built a Car, a boy fantasizes about his dream school from classroom to cafeteria to library to playground My school will amaze you My school will astound.By far the most fabulous school to be found Perfectly planned and impeccably clean.On a scale, 1 to 10, it


Why?Why Why Why asks Rabbit Bear answers patiently except sometimes, Bear just doesn t know why Two time Caldecott and Geisel Honoree Laura Vaccaro Seeger tells a disarmingly simple story about the lovable characters Bear and the unfailingly curious Rabbit Bear just wants to water his flowe

How Do You Dance?

How Do You Dance?A playful picture book that urges readers to bop, bounce, and shake from the author of Fraidyzoo There are so many ways to dance You can jiggle or wiggle or stomp You can bop or bounce or go completely nuts You can dance at the market or the bus stop, with your fingers or your face You can dance

What Riley Wore

What Riley WoreGender creative Riley knows just what to wear for every occasion during a busy week with family and friends in this sweet and timely picture book from Elana K Arnold and Linda Davick Riley wears whatever clothes feel right each day On Monday, Riley feels shy and wears a bunny costume to school O

Hats Are Not for Cats!

Hats Are Not for Cats!Are hats for cats A big, bossy dog and a determined cat disagree This funny rhyming romp with a large cast of cats and hats leads readers to the perfect conclusion hats are for everyone A big, severe, plaid hat wearing dog insists that the small black cat in the red fez shouldn t be wearing a ha

Ball & Balloon

Ball & BalloonA ball must learn to deal with his envy when a floating balloon has him feeling down in this simple and relatable story that reminds little ones that being different is what makes you special.Balloon can soar, he can fly, he can dip, duck, and hover all on his own Balloon is full of gas He knows i

The Bad Seed

The Bad SeedFrom the New York Times bestselling author of the Goodnight Already series This is a book about a bad seed A baaaaaaaaaad seed How bad Do you really want to know He has a bad temper, bad manners, and a bad attitude He s been bad since he can remember This seed cuts in line every time, stares