Shaping Stone: The Art of Carving Soapstone

Shaping Stone: The Art of Carving SoapstoneA step by step guide to the techniques, tricks and tips on how to carve soapstone Includes sections on how to select stone, what tools are required and recommended, how to use the tools, safety guidelines, how to finish and display soapstone carvings Each step is clearly explained via both text an

Introduction to Soapstone Sculpting

Introduction to Soapstone SculptingLearn the art of sculpting soapstone The softness of the material makes it easy to work with using basic, simple tools Soapstone also produces beautiful colorful results when polished Carve a rabbit or a snail Sculpt a flower, a heart, or a butterfly Make a bowl With 737 color images, patterns

Direct Stone Sculpture

Direct Stone SculptureThe ancient and wonderful art of direct stone sculpture is brought to life in this comprehensive new book by the noted sculptor, Milt Liebson After a brief, informative historical overview of stone sculpture, he leads the reader through the hands on experience of sculpting in stone This is an inva

Crafts and hobbies

Crafts and hobbiesAn exceptional instruction book of over 40 crafts explained in detail leatherworking, candlemaking, basketry, stained glass, origami, quiltmaking, woodworking, winemaking, book binding, and much Also includes specific projects for most of the crafts.

The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings

The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other WritingsFlamboyant and controversial, Oscar Wilde was a dazzling personality, a master of wit, and a dramatic genius whose sparkling comedies contain some of the most brilliant dialogue ever written for the English stage Here in one volume are his immensely popular novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray his la

Thuggin In Miami (The Family Is Made : Part 1)

Thuggin In Miami (The Family Is Made : Part 1)After the death of his father, Rich Kid takes his destructive, malicious, and loyal team of hustlers, known amongst them selves as The Family, to the next level of thuggin Using his relationships within the drug distribution realm, Richard catapults his growing empire, taking down anyone who stands