Four Reasons Why the Best Man Should Give the Best Wedding Speech of All

Best Man at an upcoming wedding? Congratulations! No doubt you’ve been asked to give a wedding speech. Make sure you are ready and confident about giving the best wedding speech possible. Here are some really good reasons why a Best Man should never be unprepared when giving a wedding speech:

The first reason is, this is your time to shine. All eyes will be on you, and your “five minutes of fame” will be forever recorded digitally. Imagine if you were to “wing it,” and you bombed. There would be a lot of people who would never let you live it down. Someone might post it on the Internet, and you could be the main feature of everyone’s funniest video!

The second reason is, you are the Best Man, dude. You are the groom’s closest buddy, his best pal, his dearest confidant. If you make a bad speech, your friendship might very well be in jeopardy! Your best friend deserves more thought than a sloppily slapped together, rambling piece of communication that might trivialize the event, or even spoil it. Be prepared!

The third reason to make sure your speech is well-prepared is, a wedding is a huge event, with lots of sensory stimulation. What if you lost your train of thought? What if you suddenly experienced stage fright? Don’t count on giving a cool speech when this is the first time you’re standing in front of a huge, sparkling crowd of gorgeous ladies beautifully dressed and coiffed, and elegantly handsome men in their imposing tuxedos.

The fourth reason to have a well-prepared wedding speech is, it’s your responsibility to take your role as Best Man seriously. The Best Man holds one of the most important places in the wedding party. It’s indeed an honor and a pleasure to be chosen as Best Man, and it also means that you are effectively “in command” of all the Ushers, Bridesmaids, Pages, etc., in the wedding party. Along with this role comes the responsibility of ensuring that all the details the Groom must take care of are handled in an efficient and timely manner, from the time the wedding planning list is made through the end of the wedding reception.

It is for this main reason that, even if other speeches are given during the course of the wedding ceremony and reception, the Best Man’s wedding speech should be the most memorable, meaningful, and heart-felt of all.

Now you understand why the Best Man’s wedding speech is so important. Do you want to know how to make your speech stand out above all the others? Check out my website for great suggestions, templates, wedding quotes and sayings, and everything else to make the perfect wedding speech!