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Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders From the author of the critically acclaimed Dominion of the Fallen trilogy comes a tale of dragons, and Fallen angels and also kissing, sarcasm and stabbingLunar New Year should be a time for familial reunions, ancestor worship, and consumption of an unhealthy amount of candied fruitBut when dragon prince Thuan brings home his brooding and ruthless husband Asmodeus for the New Year, they find not interminable family gatherings, but a corpse outside their quarters Asmodeus is thrilled by the murder investigation Thuan, who gets dragged into the political plotting he d sworn off when he left, is less enthusiasticIt ll take all of Asmodeus s skill with knives, and all of Thuan s diplomacy, to navigate this one as well as the troubled waters of their own relationshipA sparkling standalone book set in a world of dark intrigueA Note on ChronologySpinning off from the Dominion of the Fallen series, which features political intrigue in Gothic devastated Paris, this book stands alone, but chronologically follows The House of Sundering Flames It s High Gothic meets C drama in a Vietnamese inspired world perfect for fans of The Untamed, KJ Charles, and Roshani Chokshi s The Gilded Wolves

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    I seem to run hot and cold with de Bodard, depending on her subject matter and the extent to which she involves relationships The Mayan series Obsidian and Blood, Servant of the Underworld , nominally about a priest and various murders untoward events, was bloody and fascinating The Vietnamese and Chinese cultures in the space the Xuy

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    A delightful standalone novella in the Dominion of the Fallen world I haven t read these yet, though I adore the author s other worlds Viet infused space opera and Aztec mythology murder mystery so I have some catching up to do, but this made me want to, intensely Beautiful writing, weird and magical world, fascinating culture and poli

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    I definitely had hoped to start the Dominion of the Fallen series last month before I got to this novella, but I ve been in a very unfortunate reading slump for a while now But I m thankful I was able to finish this one and it being short and interesting definitely helped While I m completely unfamiliar with the Parisian world of the or

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    Synopsis Lunar New Year festival is approaching in the domain of the Vietnamese dragons Dragon prince Thuan and his Fallen Angel husband Asmodeus come to this underwater realm to celebrate with the High Court family Instead, they get entangled in a murder investigation and in the court intrigues An investigation Into matters of disloyalt

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    Murder husbands and Dragon Kingdom politics Of Dragon, Feasts and Murder is a novella set in the Dominion of the Fallen universe that can be read as a standalone, but I especially recommend it to fans of the series who want to have adetailed understanding of the Dragon Kingdom It was my favorite setting in the series, and as all places in

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    This was a lot of fun I love the idea of a murder mystery during T t and this was a short and good one Follows Thuan, a Vietnamese dragon prince, who brings his ruthless fallen angel husband, Asmodeus, home for Lunar New Year T t When they get entangled in a murder mystery, the dynasty s fate is on the line unless they stop the perpetrator

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    My gut feeling is that this feels and I say this in tones of entertained delight like Dominion of the Fallen fanfic What if everybody s favourite okay, fine, MY favourite queer couple got embroiled in a murder investigation and dragon kingdom politics Expectromance and some stabbing as the twin Heads of House Hawthorn renew their commitment

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    ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was a fun little novella Following the Stabby Husband and the Diplomatic Husband as they solve a murder was very entertaining I haven t read any other Dominion of the Fallen books, but I sure want to now.Full review to come More reviews on my blog, To Other Worlds. ARC recei

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    I adore the dark and fabulous world of Aliette de Bodard s Dominion of the Fallen series, and my favorite stories of all in this series are her standalone romantic fantasy spin off novellas, like Of Breath and Earth and Courtship and now this delicious romantic mystery set in the magical dragon kingdom underneath the Seine river.The worldbuil

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    3.5 starsI liked it It s my first Aliette de Bodard and while it s meant to work as a standalone, I missed out on a lot of nuance magical worldbuilding explanation by not reading the previous books first I was a bit confused by the couple dynamic, particularly by Asmodeus It s clear that he likes doling out torture fear, and I felt like I lack

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