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The Gentleman Thief Enigmatic And Somewhat Haphazard Joe Thorne Is A Wannabe Thief, Struggling To Prise Himself Out Of His Job As An Overgrown Chimneysweep After Taking Work In The Large Furnaces Of The Alchemy District, He Developed A Distinctive Cough With Magical Qualities Ever The Opportunist, When The Moment Comes To Break Into The Realm Of Thieves And Vagabonds, He Leaps On It, But His Chances Are Scuppered By One Almighty Sneeze From This Expulsion Comes A Journey To A Mystical Island, Shrouded In Ancient Tradition Valleys Of Crystalline Rivers, Arching Forests Deeper Than The Eye Can Fathom, And Not A Tavern In Sight Joe Is DevastatedSwept Up By A Lost Love, A Frog Man Or Is It A Man Frog With Amnesia, And A Sentient Handkerchief, They Embark Joe, Somewhat Reluctantly On A Quest To Solve A Mysterious Disappearance Which Still Shrouds The Island Summarized in three words I loved it This book was so witty and entertaining I love the idea of a chimneysweep trying to be a thief Joe s character is such a relatable character even just his name, normal Joe , who seems to do things intended for one purpose but everything turns out wrong I think this is one of the rare books that I liked both the female lead and the male lead It s so unique and the plot was not what I was expecting at all in the best way I ll definitely have to look into books by this author Disclaimer I received an advanced review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. 4 magic starsforA wonderfully absurd and ridiculously funny tale that kept me chuckling till the very end Copy provided by the publisher Distant Shore Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thank you for a lovely book Joe Thorne is a wannabe thief, as well as an overgrown chimneysweep And when the chance rises for a huge job that could get him settled for life as well as allow him to quit the whole chimney sweeping business, he pounces on it without a second thought.Except that there s a small wrinkle in his plan You see, after taking work in the large furnaces of the alchemy district, Joe had developed a distinctive cough with magical qualities And whenever he coughed, somethinginterestinghappened When said cough ends up turning all the gold he stole into a stack of potatoes, the feat manages to have Joe sent straight in between the jaws of a troll And yet, that isn t Joe s greatest problem by far The troll situation could be fixed with the help of the same magical cough but the bad luck trailing Joe is a completely different matter And all of it could have been avoided if Joe hadn t been such a gentleman to begin it What kind of bad luck, you re asking The kind that makes his best friend throw his hand up in the air when Joe explainsFritz, I ve been half killed on three separate occasions today and it s not even dinnertimeAnd all of it due to the fact that, like the gentleman he is, Joe couldn t refuse a Princess and had to accept her gift, during his ill advised theft A coin that the princess clearly valued, but was forced to relinquish.Joe tried his best to get rid of the thing He spent it threw it in a fountain and even fed it to a troll But regardless of what Joe did, it always came back to him.The best solution would have been to return the damn thing But, as Joe himself puts itJust walk up to a princess and say excuse me madam, I acquired this while robbing you and I find that it doesn t suit my needs, do you have a return policyThis won t work at all So Joe takes the only available option He starts on a quest to reverse pick pocket the coin But for that he needs to get close to the princess, or the guy she s supposed to marry.Except that his quest ends up leading him onto a journey to a mystical island, shrouded in ancient tradition Valleys of crystalline rivers, arching forests deeper than the eye can fathom, and not a tavern in sight Joe is devastated.Swept up by a lost love, a frog man or is it a man frog with amnesia, and a sentient handkerchief, they embark Joe, somewhat reluctantly on yet another quest to solve a mysterious disappearance which still shrouds the island The book is full of magic and extraordinary adventures triggered by the most absurd circumstances It s funny and intriguing, and downright hilarious at times Refreshing and absolutely unpredictable because of the sheer absurdity of it, The Gentleman Thief makes for one absolutely engaging read Joe s shenanigans, combined with the sneezing of things into problems that send him from one misfortune into another, turned this little read into a unique fun filled adventure.I highly recommend it to anyone in need for a funny read to curl up with at the end of a long day This one is guaranteed to make you at least chuckle, if not laugh out loud Find this review and on my book review and cover art blog The Magic Book Corner I was contacted by Distant Shore Publishing and other than this delightful book I wasn t given anything in return for my honest review.I was captivated from the first page to the last This is such a witty and charming adventure that had me laughing throughout What a fun way to spend a few hours.Joe is a wanna be thief playing life as a chimney sweep He concocts a plan to heist the dowry from the princess and instead has brought himself bad luck or is it He finds himself aboard a ship destined for a magical island where contestants will compete to be donned a knight and win the hand of the princess.Of course, while on this quest, he ends up solving a year old mystery, rights some wrongs, restores lost loves and saves the day Did I mention that throughout all of this his allergic reaction to anything magic sprouts mishap after mishap which of course makes for laugh out loud reading The Gentleman Thief is a funny, quirky fantasy that will appeal to many readers What you ll get Magical coughing mishaps.An unlikely protagonist.An island with secrets.Entertainment from beginning to end.

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