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Again Again In This Novel Full Of Surprises From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of We Were Liars And Genuine Fraud, E Lockhart Ups The Ante With An Inventive And Romantic Story About Human Connection, Forgiveness, Self Discovery, And PossibilityIf You Could Live Your Life Again, What Would You Do Differently After A Near Fatal Family Catastrophe And An Unexpected Romantic Upheaval, Adelaide Buchwald Finds Herself Catapulted Into A Summer Of Wild Possibility, During Which She Will Fall In And Out Of Love A Thousand Times While Finally Confronting The Secrets She Keeps, Her Ideas About Love, And The Weird Grandiosity Of The Human MindA Raw, Funny Story That Will Surprise You Over And Over, Again Again Gives Us An Indelible Heroine Grappling With The Terrible And Wonderful Problem Of Loving Other People

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    4 1 2 stars Now, this is the sort of YA contemporary I love wistful, bittersweet, and sad, but hopeful too.Again Again is actually quite different to anything Lockhart has written before I was a big fan of her earlier fun chick lit stuff and never really got on board with her dabbles in the mystery thriller genre, but while this one is definitely suited to my tast

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    My head is spinning so fast and I m truly seeing the stars I think I start singing Swinging on a star right now Which reminded me the heist scene of Bruce Willis Hudson Hawk movie See I m already thought hungover after reading the book Sometimes if we have second or third chances to do something differently and even though we choose the different paths at the end ea

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestDNF p.40I have a new policy where if a book doesn t grab me within the first 30 40 pages, I no longer finish the book unless I absolutely have to I feel like if a book fails to grab you from the beginning, or at least make you think it will, that is a shortcoming great enough that it warrants a review AGAIN AGAIN was a book I was

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    Well, this was lovely, bittersweet and melancholy And welcome back, E Lockhart I was afraid you d succumbed fully to the mystery genre, to writing of the stories I don t enjoy.I wouldn t call Again Again a complete return to the lighter chick lit type stuff of her early writing career But this is monumentally better than the unfortunate Genuine Fraud Again Again is a

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    This book is tough to rate because while I did have some problems with the story, l appreciate how the author was creative in her storytelling There were aspects of the story I really loved, particularly the storyline involving the brother But as a whole, I wouldn t say this was the most satisfying read I do think there are readers who will connect with the story and

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    Thank you NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review Or maybe our encounter was in another possible world That is, in one of the countless other versions of this universe, the worlds running parallel to this one, we are already in love I don t really know how I feel about this book I absolutely loved the author s book We Were Liars, and internally sc

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    E you have got to stop doing this to me I only have the one heart You can only fill it to the brim and then break it so many times before I drop dead The concept of the multiverse is a very, very hard one to nail in fiction Please see my review of Blake Crouch s enormously awful attempt in Dark Matter for on how easy it is to screw this up It turns out simplicity and tr

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    Again Again is the first book by E Lockhart that I have read This is a YA fiction book I found it confusing at first the way that it was written, and it did take a while to get used to it It was a quick read, with much of the text being in the form of text messages between the characters It is the story of 17 year old Adelaide Her younger brother is an opioid addict and s

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    What if you made other choices What if your life was playing out in a different way in another reality I cannot believe how wildly close to today s reality Lockhart s new book was and it was such a refreshing return to her writing that I loved I wasn t a fan of her thrillers, but this.felt very much like the E Lockhart I found so compelling before.Adelaide is at a boarding

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    Adelaide and her family were still coming to terms with her brother s addiction As her family supported him through multiple stints at rehab, Adelaide wanted to be the good daughter, the easy child She found comfort in assuming these roles, but the longer she played them, the she lost touch with herself Now dumped by her boyfriend and on academic probation, she finds herse

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