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These Ghosts Are Family I received a courtesy copy via Edelweiss I think 80% of this book was excellent truly wonderful writing, lovely character development, internal dialogue and cultural specificity There was a chapter toward the end that I found to be a bit tedious and I generally wanted from each section, for the characters and the interconnected narrative to be even further fleshed out Still, I would certainly recommend this book when it becomes available for purchase. The connection of ancestors and how the dead still effect the living is explored in the tangled web of Irene Paisley and Stanford Solomon s family Generations of family members are navigating their life decades and centuries later based on their past ancestors A domino effect is seen when their Jamaican family members continue to comb through secrets, history, and lineage.Each chapter goes through a story about a different family member The multi generational saga is weaves through different time periods and different family connections Jamaican history, plantation life for slaves, and the exploitation of women in 19th century Jamaica is explored throughout the novel as the characters try to atone with the ghosts of their past.The first chapter starts off a bit confusing It front loads all of the characters and many events making it hard to separate who from who and what from what But after that short introduction, everything fell into place The Jamaican dialogue was hard to understand sometimes, but I could figure out what was happening overall.I received an advance readers copy through Netgalley and Edelweiss Opinions are my own. An Entertainment Weekly, Millions, And LitHub Most Anticipated Book Of Pick A Rumpus And Electric Literature Most Anticipated Debut Of Pick A Ms Magazine Top Feminist Book Coming Out In ABookRiot Best Book Club Pick Of A Celadon Books Most Anticipated Novel Of A Lily Top Book To Read By Women In Selection A Buzz Magazine Top New Book Of The New Decade A She Reads Most Anticipated Historical Fiction Pick Of A Transporting Debut Novel That Reveals The Ways In Which A Jamaican Family Forms And Fractures Over Generations, In The Tradition Of Homegoing By Yaa GyasiStanford Solomon Has A Shocking, Thirty Year Old Secret And It S About To Change The Lives Of Everyone Around Him Stanford Solomon Is Actually Abel Paisley, A Man Who Faked His Own Death And Stole The Identity Of His Best Friend And Now, Nearing The End Of His Life, Stanford Is About To Meet His Firstborn Daughter, Irene Paisley, A Home Health Aide Who Has Unwittingly Shown Up For Her First Day Of Work To Tend To The Father She Thought Was Dead These Ghosts Are Family Revolves Around The Consequences Of Abel S Decision And Tells The Story Of The Paisley Family From Colonial Jamaica To Present Day Harlem There Is Vera, Whose Widowhood Forced Her Into The Role Of Single Mother There Are Two Daughters And A Granddaughter Who Have Never Known They Are Related And There Are Others, Like The House Boy Who Loved Vera, Whose Lives Might Have Taken Different Courses If Not For Abel Paisley S Actions These Ghosts Are Family Explores The Ways Each Character Wrestles With Their Ghosts And Struggles To Forge Independent Identities Outside Of The Family And Their Trauma The Result Is An Engrossing Portrait Of A Family And Individuals Caught In The Sweep Of History, Slavery, Migration, And The Personal Dramas Of Infidelity, Lost Love, And Regret This Electric And Luminous Family Saga Announces The Arrival Of A New American Talent copy courtesy of edelweiss Wow Just, wow This book was such an incredible dive into all of the twists and turns that formed this family throughout the generations I was reading it like my life depended on it Card transported me to a time and place I don t think I d ever have experienced otherwise I m hoping that the longer I sit and think about this book, I ll come up with a coherent review But I m not above shoving it at people with jazz hands and a READ IT NOW for good measure. simonandschuster partner Listen, put Maisy Card s These Ghosts are Family on your radar Put it on your TBR Add it to your cart Preorder it Then read it doesn t come out until March 3rd, and it s about a man named Stanford Solomon holding a thirty year old secret Stanford is actually Abel Paisley, a man who faked his own death and stole another man s identity This story revolves around the consequences of Abel s decision and tells the story of the Paisley family from colonial Jamaica to present day Harlem Initially, I was interested in this one just off of the synopsis alone Let me tell you that it didn t prepare me for the journey that the story took me on What a debut novel After sitting with this book for about a week I have come to the conclusion that this is my favorite novel of 2020 thus far This is one of those novels that when you finished it, you have to take a moment to process the experience you ve just had This book was such an incredible plunge into all of the twists and turns that formed this family throughout the generations.Stanford Solomon is actually Abel Paisley, a man who faked his death and went to America to start over The only person that knows his secret is his wife Let me make this clear, this story is NOT about Abel alone Abel is the baseline of where the story begins and this is a reflection of the consequences of his actions This story has themes history, slavery, migration, infidelity, lost love, and regret as we go through each character.I was really compelled to keep turning the pages So many characters, so many connection, this one really had my brain in overdrive So not only a pleasurable read, it was stimulating as well This is not a book that you should read extremely fast because you will miss something, and if you do, you may find yourself lost in the storyline This novel really works your memory to make the connections and fit everything in place.There are portions in the book where you are unsure of who is narrating because it seems like you are on the outside of the situation just observing not necessarily experiencing Like a fly on a wall in this case it s a Ghost, like a family historian guiding you through it all You will also experience some Jamaican folklore in this novel with provides an interesting twist to say the least I loved this novel but I can also see how this will be a polarizing read Some will love it and some will hate it I don t really see the in between happening.How much of your family tree do you know Myself not much but there are reasons that are beyond my control.Side note If you aren t familiar with Jamaican patois that may slow your reading experience down a bit. These Ghosts Are Family Thank you BIBLIOFINDER and Simon Schuster for the gifted copy Book Review Have we recovered from the goodness that is These Ghosts Are Family by Maisy Card No We need a little time to digest all of this tea I GET IT I really do When I said PREORDER PREORDER PREORDER , y all I meant it It s about so much than the patriarch of the family, Stanford Solomon Abel Paisley revealing his 35 year old secret This book has history, culture, folklore, family dysfunction as its core, racism, slavery, immigration, infidelity, loss, love, regret, selfishness and consequences of it all We see how one person s decision affects an entire lifeline to come after.If you haven t already, PICK UP THIS BOOK OUT March 3, 2020 I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchanged for my honest review.I was eager to read this book as it is a most anticipated book of 2020.This is a do not finish book for me The first part of the book is not written in first or third person It is in a style such as introductions and events are introduced Say you this and say you that With this style, it is hard to understand and become connected to the book The introduction of a book is everything and I think the author should have started the book out in a style that would grab readers attention. The family tree assignment we had to do in elementary middle school ain t shit compared to These Ghost are Family Here we have a book that portrays as one man s lies, betrayal, and infidelity but instead, you get caught in a whirlpool Faking his death was only Abel s way of introducing us to a family lineage that holds secrets, migration, slavery, deception, and revenge I haven t read something this brilliant in awhile From the 1700s to this current year, Maisy Card has found a way to give us a feel of plantation life, Jamaican culture, and the truth that the apple doesn t fall that far from the tree in any country I am here for it I will take feeling like the nosy neighbor who got caught and couldn t keep her findings to herself I felt like the towns gossip lol A wonderful read that I could not put down. Wow These Ghosts Are Family is a fantastic novel I decided to give this a chance even though I have a love hate relationship with historical fiction I must admit, this is the best I ve read in that genre so far I absolutely enjoyed every second of reading this, well expect the last chapter got a little too magical realism for my taste It s hard to believe this is Maisy Card s debut novel Her writing is flawless The prose was funny, moving, and vibrant The characters really exploded off the page Some people are complaining about the dialogue, but I didn t find it hard to understand This book touches on some sensitive subject matter such as racism, enslavement, psychical and sexual abuse, abortion, drug addiction, trauma, and death Even though the dark moments are what makes this book memorable and powerful, there s also some lighter moments that will stick with you as well I didn t mind the non linear format, I thought it added tension and drama to the overall story This one took me by surprise Such an unexpected gem An intense and gripping family saga Highly recommended Thank you, Netgalley and Simon Schuster for the digital ARC.Release date March 3, 2020

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Maisy Card is writer and a public librarian Her writing has been nominated for a pushcart prize and has appeared in Lenny Letter, School Library Journal, Agni, Syca Review, Liars League NYC, and Ampersand Review Maisy was born in St Catherine, Jamaica, but was raised in Queens, New York Maisy earned her MFA from Brooklyn College, her MLIS from Rutgers University and a BA in English and

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