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The Moment of Tenderness From The Beloved Author Of A Wrinkle In Time Comes A Deeply Personal, Genre Bending Short Story Collection That Transcends Generational Divides And Reminds Readers That Hope, Above All, Can Transform Suffering Into The Promise Of JoyThis Powerful Collection Of Short Stories Traces An Emotional Arc Inspired By Madeleine L Engle S Early Life And Career, From Her Lonely Childhood In New York To Her Life As A Mother In Small Town Connecticut In A Selection Of Eighteen Stories Discovered By One Of L Engle S Granddaughters, We See How L Engle S Personal Experiences And Abiding Faith Informed The Creation Of Her Many Cherished Works Some Of These Stories Have Never Been Published Others Were Refashioned Into Scenes For Her Novels And Memoirs Almost All Were Written In The S And S, From Madeleine S College Years Until Just Before The Publication Of A Wrinkle In Time From Realism To Science Fiction To Fantasy, There Is Something For Everyone In This Magical Collection Lovely, just lovely A collection of short stories Lyrical, and memorable. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestDNF p.54 Like most kids, I read A WRINKLE IN TIME when I was young and I really, really loved it Not just because it was an intellectual fantasy that didn t talk down to its readers but because the heroine was bespectacled like I was YAAAASS.I was really excited to receive a copy of THE MOMENT OF TENDERNESS, which is a collection of L Engle s earlier stories from the 40s and 50s that predate A WRINKLE IN TIME Many of them have never been published before and honestly, I kind of see why A lot of these seem really sloppy and the endings of two that I read were so terrible that they were like non endings.L Engle has written realistic contemporary YA, like A RING OF ENDLESS LIGHT and TROUBLING A STAR, and I have read and liked those, so the reason I disliked this short story collection wasn t because it wasn t like A WRINKLE IN TIME It was because I perceived them to be poorly written unfinished stories.I think real hardcore L Engle fans might enjoy this because it shows the development of her work and gives you a taste of what her writing was like as a young woman But if you re reading these for the quality of the work, don t You would be much better off reading her later stuff instead, because this body of work just doesn t have the mainstream appeal that her later, mature works did.YMMV but I wasn t happy with this one at all Sadness Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 1.5 to 2 out of 5 stars As a child, A WRINKLE IN TIME by MADELEINE L ENGLE was probably my favorite book I can t even count how many times I read it THE MOMENT OF TENDERNESS is an absolute treasure of short stories compiled by L ENGLE s granddaughter She published the early works of L ENGLE in somewhat chronological order so that you can see the progression of the author s writing Even though the first ones are rough, they immediately transport me Similar to Judy Blume, L ENGLE just GETS how to communicate the thoughts, fears and insecurities of adolescent girls This book is wonderful and has inspired me to go back and collect the other works of L ENGLE that I haven t read TBH I didn t see any need to read anything other than A Wrinkle in Time until now. Received this book as part of the Vine Program.L Engle has always been one of my favorite writers Ever since I picked up A Ring of Endless Light as a pre teen and fell into a world so sad and wonderful and poignant that it changed me It s a book that I ve returned to often and I always get some kind of new meaning from it But enough about that book, let s talk about this one.This was published after L Engle s death When her granddaughter found some of her old stories stored away They are small blurbs, vignettes, short stories, nothing fully done into a book And all were written, except for one, before her first commercial success, A Wrinkle in Time It was neat to see the original tone of her writing I have grown accustomed to in these stories They were vastly different themes, in a way, from L Engle s books More depressing, somber in tone, mature in subject, sometimes there isn t a feeling of completion L Engle s strong point has always been dialogue, and that s reflected in these The stories aren t so much about what the people are doing, but rather what they re talking about.The lack of completion or cliff hanger like endings of the stories was the hardest part for me I wanted so badly for some of them to keep going so I knew what happened to the characters, and how it ended Still, I think for anyone who is a fan of her writing, who has gone on an adventure through one of her books, or who has waxed philosophical these have a religious tone to them but in a very approachable way over her musings, this is a great book to get into It manages to express a lot of emotions in just a few short blips of writing.Review by M Reynard 2020

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