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American Royals What If America Had A Royal Family When America Won The Revolutionary War, Its People Offered General George Washington A Crown Two And A Half Centuries Later, The House Of Washington Still Sits On The ThroneAs Princess Beatrice Gets Closer To Becoming America S First Queen Regnant, The Duty She Has Embraced Her Entire Life Suddenly Feels StiflingNobody Cares About The Spare Except When She S Breaking The Rules, So Princess Samantha Doesn T Care Much About Anything, Either Except The One Boy Who Is Distinctly Off Limits To HerAnd Then There S Samantha S Twin, Prince Jefferson If He D Been Born A Generation Earlier, He Would Have Stood First In Line For The Throne, But The New Laws Of Succession Make Him Third Most Of America Adores Their Devastatingly Handsome Prince But Two Very Different Girls Are Vying To Capture His Heart

About the Author: Katharine McGee

Katharine McGee is the New York Times bestselling author of American Royals and The Thousandth Floor trilogy She studied English and French literature at Princeton University and has an MBA from Stanford She lives in her hometown of Houston, TX with her husband.

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    TWO DISAPPOINTED, ANGRY, TIME CONSUMER, MOOD KILLER, WORSE THEN YOUNG AND RESTLESS EPISODES STARS When NetGalley rejected me to send this book, I gave the same reaction every time when I get rejections I threw myself on the floor, punched the rug and gave my ugliest cries Even my neighbors were scared that a wild animal escaped from the zoo and jumped in from our window When I said I was the wild animal, they only shrugged I think I should m

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    Omg, I m living for the drama I NEED BOOK TWO RIGHT NOW

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    EDIT Oct 8, 2019 This is not the most liked review for this book any, but a Good Samaritan took the time out of their day to send me this message and inform me of my account settings I read my review again after they sent this message and it literally says has commented or messaged me , rendering their message completely pointless because my point still stands as anyone is allowed to message me even if we re not friends But hey, they re the first ever perso

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    Well This didn t go very well.I love a fun, fluffy, romance y read I love royalty tropes I love Ragtag Groups Of Quirky Teenage Friends I even lovesome drama And when I picked this up, I thought I would either get that or a big heaping cereal bowl of disappointment.Maybe my expectations have been irrevocably made too high by Red, White Royal Blue, butboy oh boy did I get the latter.It also could have been my fault for not realizing this was the first in a series I

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    this story reminded me exactly of KMs other series, the thousandth floor which is to say, i had fun reading this this isnt as drama filled, but the heavy cast of characters and how their lives intertwine and mix with each other is very on brand for KM i know some people may complain about the length, especially because there essentially isnt a plot, but i didnt mind it i had fun and enjoyed reading about each of the characters and their relationships with each oth

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    You know when you read a book and feel like it is directly meant to be on Netflix as a romcom this So it was fun I hoped it would be a bit like a YA version of Red White Royal Blue, but it wasn t that s on me for expectations, not on the book It s very much about the pressures of a life under the scrutiny of the public eye Tbh I thought it d be MORE stressful with scandals and paparazzi and clean up and all that But I really liked how each character responded to their lot in live

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    From now on, you are two people at once Beatrice the girl, and Beatrice, heir to the Crown When they want different things, the Crown must win Always Katharine McGee s American Royals is an entertaining, soapy romp built on a terrific concept when the Revolutionary War ended, the American people offered George Washington a crown, and he accepted The House of Washington has remained on the throne for than two and a half centuries, and America is as obsessed with stories about the r

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    American Royals is a fun and frothy novel as one would expect from the blurb It reimagines history so that George Washington became the first king of Americathe background detail of expanding upon this alternative history is a little lacking though I would have liked a few nuggets of info about the how and the why America came to be ruled by a monarchy The story is told from a number of different viewpoints which was enjoyable but it also meant that it was quite hard to ever truly engage with on

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSomebody was comparing AMERICAN ROYALS to CRAZY RICH ASIANS, and I think to do so is really unfair because CRAZY RICH ASIANS tapped into a lot of dialogues about race, class, and culture that AMERICAN ROYALS doesn t really do Oh, it tries, but if anything it s just a thought experiment designed to write yet another frothy story about princesses And if that s your cup of Earl grey tea, power to you, but I think it s dangerous and disappointing to build A

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    4 stars What if America had a royal family This book was a drama fest and I couldn t get enough of it It s one of those stories you don t want to put down because it s so entertaining American Royals takes place in a world where America has a royal family instead of a democracy The Washingtons have been in power since the start and this is their family s story This follows a few characters, the first being Beatrice who is next in line for the crown The next is her sister, Samantha, and her brother

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