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Rodham From the New York Times bestselling author of American Wife and Eligible, a novel that imagines a deeply compelling what might have been What if Hillary Rodham hadn t married Bill Clinton In , Hillary Rodham is a young woman full of promise Life magazine has covered her Wellesley commencement speech, she s attending Yale Law School, and she s on the forefront of student activism and the women s rights movement And then she meets Bill Clinton A handsome, charismatic southerner and fellow law student, Bill is already planning his political career In each other, the two find a profound intellectual, emotional, and physical connection that neither has previously experienced In the real world, Hillary followed Bill back to Arkansas, and he proposed several times although she said no than once, as we all know, she eventually accepted and became Hillary Clinton But in Curtis Sittenfeld s powerfully imagined tour de force of fiction, Hillary takes a different road Feeling doubt about the prospective marriage, she endures their devastating breakup and leaves Arkansas Over the next four decades, she blazes her own trail one that unfolds in public as well as in private, that involves crossing paths again and again with Bill Clinton, that raises questions about the tradeoffs all of us must make in building a life Brilliantly weaving a riveting fictional tale into actual historical events, Curtis Sittenfeld delivers an uncannily astute and witty story for our times In exploring the loneliness, moral ambivalence, and iron determination that characterize the quest for political power, as well as both the exhilaration and painful compromises demanded of female ambition in a world still run mostly by men, Rodham is a singular and unforgettable novel

About the Author: Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld is the author of the new novel Eligible, a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice due out April 2016 as well as the bestselling novels Sisterland, American Wife, Prep, and The Man of My Dreams, which have been translated into twenty five languages Curtis s writing has appeared in many publications, including The Atlantic, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Time, Slate, Glamour, and on public radio s This American Life A graduate of Stanford University and the Iowa Writers Workshop, she currently lives in St Louis, MO.

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    Blew my saxophone An inspired, stunningly poignant yes, even a little dirty creative re imagining of what the Clintons are and what they could be in an alternate universe Funny and eerie to think how choosing a different path not marrying Bill might have resulted in major surprises and similaritie

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    I feel like this book is going to piss a lot of people off and I want in on that controversial action I feel like this book is going to piss a lot of people off and I want in on that controversial action

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    When the Saints Go Marching On Did Hillary sacrifice her professional future, being with Bill Not in this fictional tale I love Curtis Sittenfeld s books HUGE FAN American Wife , was particularly outstanding But Rodham Hm I read through the night finished this morning.I gobbled this novel in one sitting Its kinda o

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    THIS is the reality, the actual story, all serious Hillary fans wanted, maybe still want As Americans watch the news everyday and get that winsome look in their eyes, they still think if only Hillary was at the helm.Read this while you are in isolation and lose yourself for a few hours or days You will not regret your mindf

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    Okay, it was interesting, creative, extremely thought provoking and we have a skillful, talented author on the board but hmmm I think this concept didn t work for me I always loved what if based story lines opens to alternated realities and parallel universes What if we choose the other path, what if we do the quite opposite thing a

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    Hear ye, hear ye I ve found what ll no doubt be one of the most polarizing books of the year and what I can only describe as a muuuuch darker andpolitical version of Taylor Jenkins Reid s Maybe In Another Life mixed with a little bit of the TV show Veep.The second I heard of Rodham s impending publication, it sent me down a bit of an existen

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    In these Dark Ages of the Reign of Trump, Curtis Sittenfeld s Rodham descends like an avenging angel Here, in the pages of this alternate history about Hillary Rodham Clinton, is the story not of What Happened but of What Could Have Happened This isn t just fiction as fantasy it s fiction as therapy for that majority of Americans who voted for Clinto

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    NO spoilers in this review and I suggest that if you already know you are very interested in reading this, you avoid reading other reviews beforehand and learning anything about what happens in the book I ve never issued such a warning before, but this strategy really allowed me a strong emotional payoff, especially in the end I ve been surprised lately by ho

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    You know, when I first heard of this book, I wanted nothingthan pure wish fulfillment, a Tarantino style rewriting of history to close our eyes to the horror that is our actual reality But as I readandof Rodham, especially given the massive unrest and movement around police brutality and racism in the U.S., none of it felt right I wasn t satisfied, and I did not wish

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    I read Rodham some weeks ago and am of a few different minds about it, because I think you can read this book three different ways first, as a piece of mainstream fan fiction because that s exactly what it is second, as a character study of a woman whose public facing self is, at this point, a warped amalgamation of various projections and lastly, as an artifact of what I woul

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