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You Should See Me in a Crown This queer boy from indiana can t wait to read about a queer girl from indiana as she falls in love with her competition in a beauty pageant i m Adorrrrrred this one Wasn t sure if it was actually a Romance or not but am happy to report that it is an extremely cute f f one and I am so, so excited that the author already has another one of those coming I wanted to hand my ARC to a queer Black girl the second I was done and I hope this finds every single one It s clever, funny, romantic, empowering, and just a damn delight. Wow, I m tearing up I wish I d had this when I was fourteen. Loved every second of reading this Such a solid debut featuring a queer, Black protagonist, the sweetest f f romance, all the prom shenanigans, lots of music, and really thoughtful and realistic portrayals of friendship I can t recommend this one highly enough Thank you Edelweiss and Scholastic Press for the ARC.trigger warnings anxiety panic attacks, death of a parent, chronically ill loved one, character being outed, homophobia.You Should See Me in a Crown was a delight It made me laugh, it made me angry, it made me happy and sad, and sigh in sapphic greatness.It was a really well mixed fluffy story with really important and necessary topics to discuss.I absolutely adored the anxiety rep in this book It gave a clear and realistic imagine of how difficult it is to deal with things, and how sometimes you can t move a single muscle without help.I also appreciated the human nature of relationships of this book You not only see the romantic love between the two girls, but you also see Liz s relationship with her grandparents, her brother, her friends I wish we had deeper scenes after some events happened, but I also understand this book isn t here to educate us, and even if some choices were a bit too easy resolved, I didn t mind it, we deserve this book, we deserve this ending.I also loved that both girls were quirky, messy, awkward There was no perfect kiss or perfect relationship They re both insecure and made mistakes but also did their best to fix them and apologize and do better.Overall this was a fantastic debut, definitely one of those ya contemporaries that will stick with me for a long time, and for sure a new favorite of mine. I WOULD LOVE To SEE YOU IN A CROWN I received an early copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest reviewCW anxiety, panic attacks, death of a parent, chronically ill loved one, outing, homophobia.YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN was such a nice balance between pure sapphic fluff and important discussions of some or less heavy topics It delivered exactly what it promised All the cuteness that comes with a queer girl falling in love for the new girl in school, the coming of age element of her trying new things and growing into herself, realizing that really taking risks and putting yourself out there isn t so bad, while giving the proper space to the discussion of a Black girl growing up poor and fighting for her dreams, how stressful that is and how much of a toll it takes on her and her relationships with the people around her Especially since it can come with shame and struggling to letting people into yourstruggles no matter how close you are to them or how much you want to let them in.I really loved that this book explored all kinds of relationships Not only the blooming romance between two HUGE music nerds who are equally awkward and laugh about it together, but it also showcases amazing family dynamics Lizzie, the MC, is really close with her younger brother, they respect and tease each other and she also has a good relationship with her grandparents who or less raised her Other than that there are also some amazing friendships and girl support in it as well as a reluctant rekindling of a friendship that at the end, turned out amazing, it was one of my favorite parts of the story If there s one opportunity I found was missed in this book, it s regarding to one of the friendships in it not going into detail because spoilers I thought that it could have used a bit spaced to be explored properly and I would have liked to see consequences for some actions relating to it An element that I also really appreciated from the start is that YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN uses most classic YA tropes and subverts them or puts a unique twist on them, especially when it comes to the school popularity pyramid and the hierarchy and tradition of everything pertaining to it I was apprehensive the whole prom side of thing wouldn t work for me, as high school centered contemporaries haven t been working for me lately, but I found myself entertained by everything happening It was just really fun cried several times Liz Lighty Has Always Believed She S Too Black, Too Poor, Too Awkward To Shine In Her Small, Rich, Prom Obsessed Midwestern Town But It S Okay Liz Has A Plan That Will Get Her Out Of Campbell, Indiana, Forever Attend The Uber Elite Pennington College, Play In Their World Famous Orchestra, And Become A DoctorBut When The Financial Aid She Was Counting On Unexpectedly Falls Through, Liz S Plans Come Crashing Down Until She S Reminded Of Her School S Scholarship For Prom King And Queen There S Nothing Liz Wants To Do Less Than Endure A Gauntlet Of Social Media Trolls, Catty Competitors, And Humiliating Public Events, But Despite Her Devastating Fear Of The Spotlight She S Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Get To PenningtonThe Only Thing That Makes It Halfway Bearable Is The New Girl In School, Mack She S Smart, Funny, And Just As Much Of An Outsider As Liz But Mack Is Also In The Running For Queen Will Falling For The Competition Keep Liz From Her Dreams Or Make Them Come True I mean, two prom queen contenders falling in love You bet your sweet bottoms I loved every second of this.

About the Author: Leah Johnson

Leah Johnson is a writer, editor and eternal Midwesterner currently moonlighting as a New Yorker Leah received her MFA in fiction writing from Sarah Lawrence College, where she currently teaches in their undergraduate writing program Her debut YA novel, YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN is forthcoming from Scholastic in 2020.

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