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You Cant Catch Me Twelve Years Ago Jessica Williams Escaped A Cult She Reintegrated Into Society, Endured An Uncomfortable Notoriety, And Tried To Put It All Behind Her Then, At An Airport Bar, Jessica Meets A Woman With An Identical Name And Birth Date It Appears To Be Just An Odd Coincidence Until A Week Later, When Jessica Finds Her Bank Account Drained And Her Personal Information StolenFollowing A Trail Of The Grifter S Victims, Each With The Same Name, Jessica Gathers Players, One By One, For Her Own Game According To Her Plan, They Ll Set A Trap And Wait For The Impostor To Strike Again But Plans Can Go Awry, And Trust Can Fray, And As Jessica Tries To Escape The Shadows Of Her Childhood, The Risks Are Greater Than She Imagined Now, Confronting The Casualties Of Her Past, Jessica Can T Help But Wonder Who Will Pay The Price 3 coincidence or not starsHow far would you go to get revenge This tale digs into just that thought as one woman chases another who coincidentally shares the same name How common is that After a chance meeting at a bar, Jessica discovers that her bank account has been drained and there s not much the police can do to help her So the chase is on to catch the other Jessica and get her money back This was my first read by Catherine McKenzie although I have several of her earlier books on my to be read shelf There were quite a few twists, but I really wasn t invested in the characters and the romance that crops up The ending was a surprise to me and even though I didn t love this one, I will still read future books by this author.This was another fun buddy read with Jayme Always good to share thoughts with another reader Thanks to NetGalley, Catherine McKenzie, and Lake Union Publishing for an early copy to read This one releases June 9, 2020. Parts of this story were excellent and some of it really dragged.a lot.The culmination of the story was interesting and nicely buttoned things up but it was also but very far fetched I was entertained by this book but didn t feel the storyline lived up to its potential.I am, however, very grateful to have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for this honest review Readers YOU CAN T CATCH ME will be my 10th novel in 10 years, which is so crazy to think about I need to put that aside Anywho I m so excited for you to meet Jessica Williams, and Jessica Williams, and Jessica, you guessed it, Williams That s right, there s a lot of Jessicas in this book Several years ago, a friend of mine kept getting stopped at the border She has a common name, and there was an APB out for someone with a similar name and the same birthday Over time, we realized that they were looking for a man, but it got me thinking if you did have the same name and birthday as someone, wouldn t it be the perfect way to steal all their money I m sure that s what you were thinking too So that was the genesis of YOU CAN T CATCH ME a book about a woman who meets another woman with the same name and has all her money stolen It was an amazing challenge to write this book and I hope you enjoy it Coming June 9, 2020 One of the things I really like about Catherine McKenzie s novels is that each one is unique In this one, Jessica has escaped a cult and tried to put her life back together again, earning a college degree in journalism She writes about the cult, but parts are plagiarized When she gets caught, she gets fired, but not before receiving a big payoff thanks to the carefully documented sexual harassment she faced by one of her colleagues However, when she meets another Jessica Williams with the same birthday as hers in an airport, she befriends this woman and they exchange contact information by touching phones together this is beyond my understanding of how to use cell phones in what is obviously some magical newfangled technology Jessica Two as the first Jessica comes to think of her, steals all of her money because Two was able to get Jessica One s banking information off her phone The police can t help at all because the money was transferred to offshore accounts they can t follow.So the first Jessica begins a crusade to track down Jessica Two and all of her money, a journey with a lot of twists and turns.Some things felt like they happened too fast and needed to be fleshed out It s a very quick read for that same reason Thanks for NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book, which RELEASES JUNE 9, 2020 by Lake Union Publishing.

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