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In This Gripping Novel Of Suspense, The Disappearance Of A Couple S Baby Daughter Leaves Everyone A Suspect Susan Has Everything She Ever Wanted A Loving Husband, An Angelic Daughter And The Cottage Of Her Dreams In County Cork Her Picture Perfect Life Seems Too Good To Be True And It Is.At A Housewarming Party With Their New Neighbours, Her Daughter Amelia Goes Missing As Friends Become Suspects, Susan S Life Spirals Out Of Control And When Amelia S Yellow Cardigan Is Dredged From The Lake, Every Parent S Worst Nightmare Suddenly Seems Horribly Real.In The Aftermath Of Amelia S Disappearance Susan And Her Husband Paul Are Not Themselves Someone Is Hiding Something What If Susan And Paul S Entire Relationship Was Built On Lies Stretching Back Years Some Secrets May Be Best Left Buried In The Past, But Uncovering The Truth Could Be The Only Way To Find Amelia Before It S Too Late. Under Lying

About the Author: Janelle Harris

Janelle Harris lives in Kildare, Ireland with her husband and young family Janelle enjoys books that screw with your head and mess with your heart She hopes her books offer her readers a taste of that world.Janelle rarely checks Goodreads but she does love to chat, so if you would like to get in touch check out janellebrookeharris.com

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    For my full review, visit me at s a parent s worst nightmare the disappearance of their child One that literally sends shivers down your spine and has you reaching for your loved one, just to give them that extra cuddle How can you continue living when your child disappears How does life carry on Susan and Paul are the ones who find out.For my full review, visit me at

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    3 3.5 stars for nowI am having a hard time rating this one I did not see the twists and double twists and triple twists coming Also, it was a little disturbing this is why I m having a hard rating You have grief, revenge, betrayal, obsession, a little madness, criminality, etc I may rate it 4 stars later.

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    3.5 STARSThis does start pretty slow, but it s not a long book, and once the story gets rolling it s batshit crazy in a way that kept my attention.Susan and Paul have recently moved from Dublin to the country They re the kind of obnoxious parents who snipe at each other about their parenting You re smothering her You re not paying enough attention Susan seems to notice these qualities in other people, but not herself Susan and Paul

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    Did you ever pick up a book to read and you know right from the first page that it s going to be a cracker of a read Well this book did that for me This is one of the best Psychological Suspense Thrillers that I have read in quite a while It hooked me right in from the start and kept me gripped up to the last page I have to be honest and say as I was getting nearer the end I didn t want it to finish as I was enjoying it so much This bo

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    I have read lots of psychological thrillers and this was up there with the best It is multi faceted with lots of intrigue and suspense but nothing could prepare me for the actions of the main character Susan and the motive behind what she does The ending is absolutely mind blowing and I certainly didn t see what was coming It was a 2 am finish for me last night and quite fitting that it ended with fireworks going off in the valley opposit

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    Good suspense thriller Slow start but picks up speed Excellent twists w surprising end This book starts glacially slow from the POV of a self centered woman living in an expensively renovated and beautifully furnished house with her husband and toddler daughter The storyline is well conceived and very carefully plotted, and there are multiple twists which are set up to develop organically Surprisingly but happily, the characters change in ma

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    This was my First Reads pick for the month of October.I initially was concerned because here is another First Reads book where I absolutely loath the people in it With the exception of some back drop characters, there isn t anyone in this story that I could even remotely say I kinda sorta liked Luckily you don t have to Engrossing and well written, this story sucks you in and keeps you reading even with such unsavory people It twists and turns

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    What a read UnderLying kept me up all night A total mind bender of a book, unputdownable and chilling

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    You move to a new area, reach out to make new friends and the worse moment of your life occurs.Your child goes missing.You read the abstract and know that this is not going to be an ordinary read as the parents have a past and you are not exactly sure what will transpire Well climb aboard and experience the twists and turns of what is a real page turner which shocks and makes you question the rights and wrongs,whose camp are you in and ultimately who

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    I received this book for free on Kindle Reads It was definitely a page turner It held my attention right up until the end as there were plot twists and surprises all along I don t read a lot of psychological thrillers I m not sure exactly how I feel about this one I think that it was too far fetched for me That Helen becomes so close to Susan in a day That Susan ends up committing two extra murders in order to keep up her plan to get revenge especially

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