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Firekeeper This is a did not finish from me.The world building is so confusing I can keep on reading and reading but I don t understand Actually, I understand less Because if from the beginning you re not eased into the magic system and the different aspects that constitute the fantasy world, chances are you re going to be so confused that you re going to compensate by focusing on the characters than the world around them.But if, as is the case here, the characters main and secondary are one dimensional, then focusing on them is boring and pointless because it doesn t make you feel invested in the story It s a little frustrating, especially when you re kind of intrigued by the world I genuinely wanted to understand it and love it but the combination of dystopian and urban fantasy elements did not work for me Also, the world has magic but not any but some people still use it except Tala doesn t because she s different I am lost I also did not enjoy the banter between the one dimensional characters There are so many scenes in which all that happens is that a bunch of people are discussing random stuff with each other It felt so forced, like the author tried to appeal to lots of various fandoms out there and wanted this to be a funny book but also a serious one all at once That s a hard thing to pull off.One thing I did like, though, was the writing and the chapters beginnings as well as the chapters titles So, basically, I liked the author s writing style but I did not like her ideas and characters Sad but I should have seen it coming, since I read her THE GIRL FROM THE WELL novel five years ago and gave it two stars, too Oh well.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Tala Warnock Has Little Use For Magic As A Descendant Of Maria Makiling, The Legendary Filipina Heroine, She Negates Spells, Often By Accident But Her Family S Old Ties To The Country Of Avalon Frozen, Bespelled, And Unreachable For Almost Years Soon Finds Them Guarding Its Last Prince From Those Who Would Use His Kingdom S Magic For Insidious Ends And With The Rise Of Dangerous Spelltech In The Royal States Of America The Appearance Of The Firebird, Avalon S Deadliest Weapon, At Her Doorstep And The Re Emergence Of The Snow Queen, Powerful But Long Thought Dead, Who Wants Nothing Than To Take The Firebird S Magic For Her Own Tala S Life Is About To Get Even Complicated ARC from December FairyLoot Mel EDIT for everything you might like to know about WICKED AS YOU WISH, a thread the street team was the first book I d ever written, shelved way back in 2010 because it wasn t marketable , according to the feedback that I d believed then.Except every book I d published since wasn t really marketable either THE GIRL FROM THE WELL wasn t marketable because horror didn t sell THE BONE WITCH wasn t written like a Western fantasy and readers wanted something different but not that different THE NEVER TILTING WORLD s premise was too weird.I have since decided, if you will pardon my Tagalog, na punyeta na lang, so here it is, anyway I am tired and I too would like to sleep for a dozen years, but I am also very proud I am forever appreciative of the people who have always supported my odd little books, from my publishers to my readers Hope you like this one edit this sounds so woefully bitter when I read it again, haha To better reiterate I am happy and thankful that the book that gave me so many rejections wayyy back in 2010 because of why not make the character white instead, I m not sure readers will relate syndrome has finally found an amazing publisher without my having to change that. I should have loved this A world that combines every single fairytale into one A large cast of characters Political intrigue Filipino culture so why oh why did this disappoint the summary In a world much like our own, but with a fantastical twist the Royal States of America are joined by Wonderland, Neverland and Avalon Their histories are intertwined with our own, creating an interesting political landscape and blend of cultures Tala is a young girl with a curse of repelling and negating magic Her family is charged with concealing Prince Alexei of Avalon until he can reclaim his rightful throne When the Firebird comes to them Tala, Alex and a host of Bandersnatches set off on a quest to fight the Snow Queen and her evil ICE Agentscease the deception People who don t look and act like you is what you hate Every other excuse is only a pretence the writingOne of my favourite parts of this book, the writing was well done I marked a few quotes that particularly resonated with me, mostly about filipino culture, political statements and moralityWanna be known far and wide as a great warrior Slay a dragon Wanna impress the princess two kingdoms down from yours Slay a dragon Wanna impress the two kingdoms down from yours Slay a dragon Wanna show you ve got better claims to the crown than the despot in power Slay a flipping dragon Genocide, all packaged up as feats of bravery Additionally, I loved the chapter headers that foreshadowed what would happen in the chapter, but in a non sensical way that would usually only click once you got to the event for exampleChapter One In which a kiss does the exact opposite.the plotFor the first few chapters, I really enjoyed it I liked the characters, the world and just gently being eased into the story But as soon as the plot started and our characters left for their quest I found myself loosing interest My eyes began to glaze and skip down the page of their own accord waiting for the end of the chapter so I could go do something else I began to get confused about the intricacies of the world and politics despite the numerous info dumps By the end, I didn t know what was going on, and couldn t bring myself to care about who even one It didn t evoke any emotion in me, which really is my best indicator about whether I am invested or not Unfortunately, it turned out to be the latter the world buildingAlternatively, I could have put this section under the header the info dumps because that seemed to be all the world building was made up of okay, maybe that s a little harsh but I m bitter It could have been so good I loved the little references and cameos of fairytale figures, worlds and how they interacted with one another For example, The Burn was a huge fight between Peter Pan and Hook in the twelfth century that caused a magical explosion leaving a desert that separated various parts of the kingdom, eventually leading the the destruction of Neverland the charactersaka the main disappointment of the book I could have gotten past the info dumps I could have gotten past not completely understanding I could have gotten past the pacing If I liked the characters When the characters are developed and interesting, it is easier for me to connect with the story Unfortunately, the majority of them fell flat and were quite one dimensional The diversity was amazing There were people of different genders, sexualities, races but that felt like their defining characteristic I found myself getting confused between some of them, which led to me not really caring about what happenedIf I were a monster, I would have let you drown back in the swamps And that s the difference between us You think one act of kindness, even self serving, is enough to not make you one the verdictoverall, this has the potential to be someone s favourite book ever or their least favourite I have seen some quite polarising reviews even before this book s release, but if it interests you I would still recommend you give it a go it is definitely one that will appeal to a specific group of people, with its quirky world and filipino elements If you end up picking it up, I hope you love it Unfortunately however, it wasn t quite for me 2.5 stars Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for this ARCRelease Date 3 March 2020 It s probably of a 2.5 but I m rounding it up because of a good ending.I d been rejected for this ARC so many times that I thought I would have to wait a long time after the release to get it from the library But then I got selected for Rin s street team and got the advance copy and I can t tell you how ecstatic I was But after finishing the book, my enthusiasm has dulled a little.The author has written at length on twitter about what this book means to her and why she wrote it, particularly considering it s the first one she ever did, so I was very much moved by it all and wanted to read it as soon as I got it in my hands But I guess sometimes we put too much expectations on our favorite authors and it doesn t feel good when their books don t live up to them This is the 5th book by the author I m reading and the first ever where I didn t like the characters or the writing much I won t deny that the themes the author discusses in this one are very important and her frustration with it all comes through very well Draconian immigration and refugee policies, child separations and abuse, governments and corporations working hand in hand to deceive the common populace and exploiting resources to make profits, racism, homophobia all of these issues are discussed and challenged and I felt all the emotions that the characters were feeling But it s the rest of the story that didn t really connect with me There was really no direction as to where it was going, the characters just seemed to react to whatever was happening to them and didn t seem to know much else There were so many of them that I got quite confused for a while until I got used to them but none of them really felt compelling enough There is a lot and I mean a lot of banter between the characters but it completely felt forced which disappointed me a lot I really live for great banter and dialogue, and I just can t get over how stilted and out of place most of it felt in this story The author also tries to incorporate so many fairytales and myths into the narrative that it stopped making sense after a while and I couldn t be bothered to know what it was leading towards The last few chapters were action packed and quite cool and the epilogue ends on a very unexpected cliffhanger, so thankfully it ended on a better note than I thought it would To conclude, I don t wanna diss on the book too much because it s my favorite author but it wasn t what I thought it would be There are a lot of important themes discussed and the story has a lot of fairytales from around the world integrated, so if that fascinates you, maybe you should check it out If you are fans of the author s Bone Witch trilogy and are looking for something like that, then this is not it The last line is a great hook to make me interested in the sequel, but it s not gonna make any of my anticipated lists like this one did, and I still haven t made up my mind if I wanna continue. Dnf at 20% Unfortunately I m not as interested in this as I thought I was and the world was a bit hard to wrap my head around. THANKS TO THIS I NOW HAVE A 2020 MUST HAVE SHELF THIS EARLY AHHHHHHHH FINALLY THE FILIPINO FANTASY REP I VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. I honestly try not to let other reviews and ratings affect me prior to diving into a book but unfortunately this one was definitely a victim of me doing a whole lot of side eye as the GR rating went down, down, down in the weeks leading up to release and, as of now, there s still three weeks to go I stayed away from reviews for the most part but I went into this with concerns not only due to the rating but also after seeing a few DNFs pop up in my feed.Suffice it to say, I understand why this was a struggle for some readers The worldbuilding, the mythology, the folklore, the history it s so much It s so extra This is a world where, like, fairytales are on crack Think of every story, every myth, every legend, everything you ve ever heard of or read, throw them into a blender, and top it all with a sprinkling of real world concerns and politics That s what this universe is like.So, yeah, I have no idea what to do with this This book was a big floppy trade paperback of an ARC, with tiny tiny writing, and I spent two days slogging through what was, admittedly, a clever and interesting world that I should ve really loved reading about, but somehow never quite did, and dealing with a pile of characters who should ve been interesting and fun and only ever sometimes managed a little of that I can t recommend But nor do I think I want to not recommend There are definitely going to be people who love this but I see just as many, like me, who won t know what to do with it or can t even get far enough to bother.2.5ish stars Full review to come I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review. Wicked as you Wish by Rin Chupeco is a bridge apart from her past books that I ve read it doesn t carry the same feeling of darkness that The Girl from the Well or The Bone Witch series does but I found it to be just as compelling Although it took a little time for me to get in to the story, I m glad I stuck with it.Prince Alexei of Avalon is new to Arizona in the Royal States of America and is living undercover since the Snow Queen encased his Kingdom in ice Tala has the ability negate or to break spells and when Avalon s guardian, the firebird arrives, Tala, Alex, and others are sent to Avalon to fight the evil Snow Queen and her icy minions The merging of a variety of folk lore and fairy tales hit some of my all time favorites and incorporated some new As with all of her books, the world building is phenomenal and intricate, vivid and imaginative, from the Royal States of America to Avalon Ms Chupeco has brought the magic in the most unlikely of places and a wonderful cast of characters that I quickly fell in love with The cast is well layered, diverse, perfectly flawed and I quickly became invested in their stories If you like high fantasy mixed with folk lore fairy tales and runaway Princes then this is the book for you I m looking forward to the next in the series A big thank you to Sourcebooks Fire and Rin Chupeco for providing me with Wicked as you Wish in exchange for my honest review.

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