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Beyond Betrayal Responding Right When You Ve Been Wronged We All Know What It S Like To Be Lied To, Cheated, Tricked, Or Swindled Whether You Want Revenge Or To Protect Yourself From Future Harm, Phil Waldrep Understands Your Pain Waldrep Had No Idea Of The Steep Journey That Lay Ahead Of Him When Two Men Walked Into His Office And Revealed An Unfolding Story Of A Friend Turned Colleague Who Was Living What Amounted To A Second Life For Years Following, Waldrep Sought To Heal The Wounds Of This Broken Relationship And Confront The Pain He Felt In The Aftermath Of This Betrayal Along The Way, He Discovered God S Solutions To Overcoming Resentment In Beyond Betrayal, You Ll Learn About The Biblical Principles And Practical Tools That Can Help Youidentify Betrayers In Your Life And Name The Pain You Feelrediscover God As The Healer Of Your Woundsavoid Bitterness And Express Your Anger In Healthy Wayslearn To Remain Open To Trusting Others Again As You Build New Relationshipschoose Forgiveness And Develop Strategies To Prevent Future BetrayalWhether You Ve Been Hurt By A Family Member, Friend, Colleague, Or Trusted Leader, You Are Not Alone Even Jesus Was Betrayed You Don T Have To Let Past Hurts Limit Your Future Relationships You Can Move Beyond Betrayal

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    Overall an excellent, easy to read self help book based on sound Biblical teachings The only negative I found was in the editing There were about 4 or 5 typos that were missed and one sentence that I found confusing I will forgive the proofreader but I do think the publishing company might want to hire a couple ofproofreaders to proofread the proofreade

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    Forgiveness can be granted freely, but trust must be earned We need to be smarter moving forward We need to establish proper boundaries.

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    Beyond BetrayalOvercome Past Hurts and Begin to Trust Againby Phil Waldrep Harvest House Publishers Christian , Religion Spirituality Pub Date 11 Feb 2020I am reviewing a copy of Beyond Betrayal through Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley Have you ever been betrayed by someone you love, someone you trusted Like most of us, I am sure you have, and it changes th

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    Every single person has been betrayed or knows someone who has been betrayed In his new book, Phil Waldrep, does an incredible job at not only encouraging us to trust again but giving strategies to help us along in the process of overcoming that betrayal because of a personal betrayal he experienced It is easy to ignore the pain caused by betrayal, but by ignoring it

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    Too religious

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    In Beyond Betrayal, Phil Waldrep openly and honestly shares his own experience of betrayal, sharing both the mistakes and the things he has done well in the healing process His goal in writing is to help readers find ahealthy path through the pain of betrayal and to prevent them from getting stuck.I appreciated the fact that Waldrep doens t offer empty platitudes or quick fixes

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    This book is one that almost anyone will be drawn to and will find helpful We all face hurt and betrayal and need to move past it This book gives Phil space to share his story and to use that for good.His story his helpful and his trips are practical This is a good tool for anyone working on their own story.The publisher add this book available through NetGalley This review is my ho

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    Have you been betrayed Almost everyone, at some point or another, has experienced some form of betrayal Maybe it was something as simple as being lied to or as complicated as being cheated on or defrauded When we are betrayed, the human tendency is to brush it off and pretend we re okay But if not dealt with, those lingering feelings of betrayal can taint every relationship from that mom

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    I received an ARC from Harvest House Publishers, via NetGalley This review is my personal opinion Betrayal, we all have experienced it From chapter one Pastor Phil Waldrep is honest about how he is talking from his own experience and how God and with the help of others he was able to move on beyond All do they are different forms of betrayal, it gives use us a guideline on how we can forgive

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    I received this book from Goodreads for review and all thoughts and opinions are my own Thanks to Harvest House Publisher for the review copy Betrayal, we ve all been there Someone lied, stole, betrayed a promise of proves otherwise to be u trustworthy How do we move through the pain and hurt In this wonderful book, we see how one pastor suffered immensely at the band of a trusted friend and colle

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