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House of Dragons Five royal houses will hear the call to compete in the Trial for the dragon throne A liar, a soldier, a servant, a thief, and a murderer will answer it Who will win?When the Emperor dies, the five royal houses of Etrusia attend the Call, where one of their own will be selected to compete for the throne It is always the oldest child, the one who has been preparing for years to compete in the Trial But this year is different This year, these five outcasts will answer the callTHE LIAR: Emilia must hide her dark magic or be put to deathTHE SOLDIER: Lucian is a warrior who has sworn to never lift a sword againTHE SERVANT: Vespir is a dragon trainer whose skills alone will keep her in the gameTHE THIEF: Ajax knows that nothing is freehe must take what he wantsTHE MURDERER: Hyperia was born to rule and will stop at nothing to take her throne i don't really like ya fantasy any but i really want to read this mostly because one of my best friend's mother was a tutor for jessica cluess while she was in collegeanother reason is dragons There's no way this was inspired by Game of Thrones.Absolutely no way. 5/12/2020Waiting for my copy to come in the mail!Think THREE DARK CROWNS meets THE BREAKFAST CLUB with DRAGONS.Waitwhat? I'm both excited and confused lol On another note, I love the detailed cover! “A bastard,” “A servant who ruts above her station,” “A mouse of a girl.” “And the hero of the Vartl fjord, who turns out to be nothingthan a sniveling coward.” “The empire would crumble beneath any of you.”Well, Hyperia you’re not the most qualified either, let's not get hasty Wow wow Wow This is my first Jessica Cluess book and color me impressed I don’t think I have read a book with dragons and humans coexisting since Eragon Eragon was the first “big” book I ever read waaay back in middle school for a reading challenge (spoiler: I didn’t win) House of Dragons made me nostalgic for the Eragon series and made my heart oh so happy to be reading another book with dragons as a major focal point of the story.Filled with nostalgia and excitement, I was nervous to start reading House of Dragons, my expectations were soaring through the roof but a slimmer of doubt was still creeping in I didn’t want HoD to join the list of 2020 releases that left me disappointed but couldn’t help hyping the book up in my head, it sounded perfect Dragons a band of misfits who don't belong and all have their own goals and desires pushing them to win? That has my name written all over it Now, I can confirm the HoD lived up to the hype created in my head The nonstop action, the plot twists, the ittybitty romance, the characters, the (tentative) comradery, the DRAGONS I loved it all! House of Dragons was beautifully done So who are the characters?Hyperia Aufidius: Raised and trained religiously to be the next empress of Etrusia, Hyperia is now a shell of a person, emotionless and determined to ascend the throne Hyperia stood apart from her competitors for multiple reasons, being completely unhinged being one of them no spoilers but she doesn't hesitate to kill anyone She was determined, driven, and Cluess teased us with a characterarc that ended up going uncompleted (unsurprisingly, did I mention she was unhinged?) Though I did enjoy reading her internal conflict between her inability to connect and understand others due to her oppressive childhood and her desire to be empress and the need for “honorability” “Now there was no ignoring her, She was the sun, and they, nervous planets in her orbit”Emilia Chara: Locked away in her family’s estate for the majority of her life, being called to the Trial is the most freedom Emilia has experienced in a long time At first, she was fearful of the other finding out that she is chaotic the dark magic that almost destroyed the kingdoms hundreds of years ago and is still banished to this day but Emilia soon sees being called to the Trial not a burden, but an opportunity to change her future and the fate of all of those innocents cursed with being chaotic Emilia was a favorite of mine! I loved her passion for all the topics she has learned and read about and her awkward quirks But I am concerned about her characterarc I enjoyed how Cluess turned Emilia from a shy introvert to a confident leader, embracing her powers but the threats and the use of her powers, in the end, makes me concerned that Cluess might shift her characterarc in the direction of Hyperia’s which would be the worst! Mrs Cluess if you’re reading this please don't ruin Emilia’s characters! Ajax Dog: Forgotten son #21 of Lord Tibus sees an opportunity to never be forgotten again when he is called to the Trail instead of the eldest of Lord Tibus’ legitimate sons Ajax wants to sit on the throne to show his mother that what she suffered at the hands of Tibus wasn’t for nothing and that he will change things for the better in his father’s land Ajax is the youngest of the group which is clearly mirrored in his actions (he did train his dragon to act like a dog) and though he has a noble purpose, is the least qualified to lead Etrusia I think Cluess missed an opportunity with his character, which I talk about below, but Ajax was still a fun character to read and properly roundedout the group of misfits; though there was very little emphasis on his thievery besides petty pickpocketing and saying that Ajax “is above using doors” I would’ve liked to see him being a thief incorporatedinto the story And of course, the story highlight of Dog actually being quite intelligentLucian Tyche: Lucian swore to never lift a sword ever again after his father ordered him to kill innocent members of a neighboring clan Lucian believes that there is zero chance of him becoming emperor nor does he believe he is deserving of any title Lucian is who I would describe as the “big brother” of the group, keeping peace and opting to help the others, specifically Emilia (😏), in the challenges rather than competing for himself Lucian was overall a very likable character Vespir Karina: Servant to the Pentri family Vespir is used to keeping her head down, so when Vespir is called to the Trial, she knows there is a mistake Fearing that she is not only going to lose her life but also her lover, there is very little Vespir won’t do to escape But she quickly realizes that the only escape is either death for herself and her dragon or winning, and there’s nothing Vespir won’t do for Karina I loved Vespir’s passionate speech on the lower class which was completely truthful and the nose boops which is completely something I would do with my pets Vesper added diversity to the group and it was nice having a character who didn’t suddenly find a desire to be empress soon as their dragon was answered the Call I enjoyed reading all the characters but I do I think one of them needed to die, most logically Ajax, but it seemed like Cluess was avoiding killing her characters, especially with the ending All the characters in the story are complex and enjoyable to read so killing one of them off would’ve heightened the stakes in the competition, and hit the reader in the gut with emotion not all characters need a happy ending!But why Ajax? It’s made apparent from the beginning that he is the “weak link” of the group, the least qualified to lead, and the most ignorant Yes, he did have a valiant and the most heartwarming purpose for wanting to win the Trial but that doesn't make an excuse for being a poor leader Right away during the Hunt Ajax makes repetitive stupid decisions that almost killed him and though I see how saving his life with Basilisk tears tied into the later plot (very clever by the way!) Ajax’s need to be saved after trying to make a deal with the high Priest and Priestess, endangering his new friends and nearly killing himself again ruined my trust in him His actions throughout the story combined, made it most logical for him to die in the final battle, leaving Lucian, Vespir, and Emilia to rule Don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed Ajax’s character, I just believe the desperation and need to win would’ve been raised with character death and I like it when authors do something unexpected But, I am still satisfied with the exciting albeit, predictable, ending.That being said, this book had me GRINNING multiple times while reading, smiling as I read as if I was sitting in the same room as the characters laughing at the horrible jokes they made What sold me on the tentative comradery was the night where feelings were shared drunkenly and the inclusion of “Your dragon is so dumb” jokes The amount of harassment and grief the characters gave each other truly mirrors a friend group in real lifeOverall, I loved every page of House of Dragons, though I wish the ending was a little less predictable and we hadinsight into Ajax’s thievery, the writing was flowy and eloquent, the magic system was unique, and all the characters were complex and had their own distinct voices I have both high hopes and high concerns for the sequel I hope Jessica Cluess doesn’t leave me disappointed!*It's about time dragons made a comeback, especially in a nonepicfantasy book! The only YA fantasy that people will describe as like Game of Thrones for teens that actually reads like Game of Thrones for teens You've got your succession crisis, your band of secretive misfits, your murder, and of course, DRAGONS Just tons of excellent dragons If you've been waiting for a toptier dragon rider revival in YA fantasy, this is it. Oh, I’m so happy for the existence of this book! The first thing that I could come up with to describe this book a bit : Eragon meets Game of Thrones for teens in this great first book of this new ya fantasy story that has Dragons Dragon riders in it and focuses on 5 different people, originated from all over the world whom are pitted against each other in a competition to win the Crown Unexpected friendships form,enemies are made and some of the views on this world will change foreverTruly; What a thrilling ride reading this book has been If you like plot driven books with your fair share of focus on political elements, murder, intrigue, fantastic action scenes, great focus on characters and their development and a lesser focus on romance development, than this is a book that’s going to be to your liking very very much And don’t forget of course: There are DRAGONS! Magnificent dragons, but alsointeresting fantasy elements are waiting for you to get aquatinted with.Each chapter left me cravingand the book gets better and better It was getting really hard to put this book aside when I got towards the end (I was buddyreading this one with a friend of mine so we stuck with reading and ‘X’ amount of chapters each day)This was exactly what I was hoping to get in a first book A solid world building is present, fantasy elements that are truly interesting and I wantandof, there’s a really interesting set of diverse characters and fantastic character development, a solid story and storyline development and overall it’s such an explosive read One that left me cravingwhen I was finished.I fell in love with Jessica’s writing when I read book 1 and 2 of her Kingdom on Fire books some years ago and I’m glad to see the writing was as addictive in this book yet again She has me hooked on every word, sentence and chapter she writes Why did I then rate the book 4 stars instead of 5? Well… To me, in general, the storyline development wasn’t really surprising and basically everything I expected came true (there are some exceptions tho Here and there the author did surprise me with tiny little twists) I would’ve loved itif itstoryline elements would’ve been unexpected But as I said; the characters and their development for one, were extremely well written and the overall reading experience has just been fantastic to me It was thrilling and exciting from beginning till end and I really can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment! Think THREE DARK CROWNS meets THE BREAKFAST CLUB with DRAGONS.This book sounds like a triple threat and I am so here for it! ARC received via publisher! if a book says it has dragons in it, I will read it okayalso I want to own all the swords on this cover and hang them prominently on my wall so I can stare at them and touch them and feel epic whenever I want

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