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Dominicana Fifteen Year Old Ana Cancion Never Dreamed Of Moving To America, The Way The Girls She Grew Up With In The Dominican Countryside Did But When Juan Ruiz Proposes And Promises To Take Her To New York City, She Has To Say Yes It Doesn T Matter That He Is Twice Her Age, That There Is No Love Between Them Their Marriage Is An Opportunity For Her Entire Close Knit Family To Eventually Immigrate So On New Year S Day Ana Leaves Behind Everything She Knows And Becomes Ana Ruiz, A Wife Confined To A Cold Six Floor Walk Up In Washington Heights Lonely And Miserable, Ana Hatches A Reckless Plan To Escape But At The Bus Terminal, She Is Stopped By Cesar, Juan S Free Spirited Younger Brother, Who Convinces Her To StayAs The Dominican Republic Slides Into Political Turmoil, Juan Returns To Protect His Family S Assets, Leaving Cesar To Take Care Of Ana Suddenly, Ana Is Free To Take English Lessons At A Local Church, Lie On The Beach At Coney Island, See A Movie At Radio City Music Hall, Go Dancing With Cesar, And Imagine The Possibility Of A Different Kind Of Life In America When Juan Returns, Ana Must Decide Once Again Between Her Heart And Her Duty To Her Family

About the Author: Angie Cruz

Angie Cruz was conceived in Dominican Republic and born in 1972 in New York City s Washington Heights She continued to travel to and from, every summer, until she was sixteen years old She went to La Guardia High School concentrating on Visual Arts and by default decided to follow a path in Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology During those four years of college, she worked as a sal

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    I got so engrossed in this novel that I accidentally took too long of a lunch break And then I got so engrossed again later that night that I almost forgot to leave my house to go hang out with my friend So yeah, I think you could say I enjoyed this book.Watch my full review

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    Why I love itby Idra NoveyThe best novels, I find, are books I begin for one reason and end up loving for another That unpredictability is what makes a novel come alive for me For many years, I have admired the vitality of Angie Cruz s writing, and I anticipated that Dominicana would be full of dynamic scenes and fearless candor What I didn t expect was how intensely and often I would go on considering the resilience of its mesmerizing prot

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    I opened up Dominicano on a plane and for the rest of my trip was transported to 1965 New York City I experienced the city through the eyes of 15 year old Ana, newly married and separated from her family in the Dominican Republic Every page felt fresh, vibrant and unpredictable Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC.

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    A friend of mine recommend this book to me months ago She read it for work and told me that it was definitely going to be something I would really enjoy So, when I got the opportunity to pick up an ARC of the book, I grabbed it After working with the publisher to give away two copies of the book, I decided it s a great opportunity to read and whoa The results blew me away.Dominicana is the story of a young girl named Ana, who s about to embark

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    When BOTM issued the warning about the lack of dialogue queues I thought hey, that s not so bad but as I began reading it became quite distracting However, once I got used to the style of the book I couldn t put it down Amazing story with political undertones It led me to research some of the history of the DR, and it s quite fascinating

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    I have so many thoughts roaming in my head about Dominicana A lot of the time I wish I knew about the culture and way of living but there was so much within the story that made it beautiful and saddening The compassion and hope you start to feel for the main character Ana is inevitable You watch her grow and at times I got impatient, but it was through her journey you learn of why she sacrificed so much The original setting of this story is in Los

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    My TakeawayAngie Cruz, DominicanaWhat have you done to my heart, Angie Cruz From the cover to the writing, I loved, loved Dominicana When I finished reading it I could not stop thinking about Ana major book hangover Cruz weaved a remarkable story with complicated but fascinating individuals I felt an instant connection with this coming of age novel, especially with Ana, the main character Certain aspects of Ana s life reminded me of my own story L

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    Dominicana is a coming of age story that is set in NYC in the turbulent and bustling 1960s Angie Cruz shares a remarkable story about a young girl named Ana At 15, Ana was forced to marry a man twice her age and move from the Dominican Republic to Americawith her family s hope, she could achieve the American Dream.Upon her arrival, Ana ends up finding herself isolated from her family and at the mercy of a husband who neither seems to care for her or he

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    A captivating story of a year in the life of Ana, a 15 year old girl in the Dominican Republic who is married to better her family s prospects to Juan, a man twice her age who is trying to make his fortune in New York City Stories like Ana s are still rarely told and hard to find, even though it s probably representative of people s experiences than most fiction you read about New York City in the late 60 s But even if you didn t already have that reco

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    Even after finishing the book , I can t help thinking about Ana It wasa beautiful book and Ana s characterization is so wonderful It leaves a deep impact on your mind Her innocence, how she grows and comes of age is so beautifully written Thoroughly enjoyed it

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