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Ink in the Blood A Lush, Dark YA Fantasy Debut That Weaves Together Tattoo Magic, Faith, And Eccentric Theater In A World Where Lies Are Currency And Ink Is A Weapon, Perfect For Fans Of Leigh Bardugo And Kendare Blake Celia Sand And Her Best Friend, Anya Burtoni, Are Inklings For The Esteemed Religion Of Profeta Using Magic, They Tattoo Followers With Beautiful Images That Represent The Divine S Will And Guide The Actions Of The Recipients It S Considered A Noble Calling, But Ten Years Into Their Servitude Celia And Anya Know The Truth Profeta Is Built On Lies, The Tattooed Orders Strip Away Freedom, And The Revered Temple Is Actually A Brutal, Torturous Prison Their Opportunity To Escape Arrives With The Rabble Mob, A Traveling Theater Troupe Using Their Inkling Abilities For Performance Instead Of Propaganda, Celia And Anya Are Content For The First Time Until They Realize Who Followed Them The Divine They Never Believed In Is Very Real, Very Angry, And Determined To Use Celia, Anya, And The Rabble Mob S Now Infamous Stage To Spread Her Deceitful Influence Even Further To Protect Their New Family From The Wrath Of A Malicious Deity And The Zealots Who Work In Her Name, Celia And Anya Must Unmask The Biggest Lie Of All Profeta Itself Wow ee Was that ever a ride of a book I finished it yesterday and I still don t know who to trust I m going to take that as a very good sign.Let s start with the obvious, shall we The queer representation is through the roof in this book For instance, the main character, Celia, is bisexual Throughout the story we meet several people who are gay, lesbian, straight, or prefer he, she or they as their pronoun I struggle a little and get confused with the they pronouns, just because my brain is still hardwired to think of it as than one person, but I m working on that Further to all of that, every individual in this world possess a tenor, which is a unique and colourful aura that essentially displays your gender While the representation is big, it is not the focal point of the plot at all.The story itself is fascinating Almost immediately I got a dark Caraval vibe, but from the point of view of a performer, not a spectator Heck, even The Night Circus would be an apt descriptor, minus the delightful whimsy The Rabble Mob was an interesting group to tag along with, and it certainly kept that dark vibe going The Plague Doctor in particular wasn t quite sure what to do with him but heavens did I love him What I really loved was the tattoo magic It stems from religious lore, and I found the whole premise to be so neat Celia and her friend Anya are Inklings, and they were chosen by the Divine to send messages to people via the ink Essentially they tattoo themselves with an ambiguous visual message of warning or advice, and when they let it go it appears on the recipient s skin And the way Celia and Anya use that ability between themselves throughout the book is just as entertaining Likewise, the role the religion they served in the progression of this book was crazy Major plot twists I did not expect This was a mighty big story, and much to my surprise, it required a lot of reflection afterward There are themes of religion and morality that went quite deep They threaded throughout the entire story and really drove certain plot points with a degree of openness and unpredictability, if that makes any sense at all I was also especially thinking on where this story is going to go next I m guessing this must have originally been written as a standalone, because the ending was about 95% cut and dry and wrapped up with a bow There are very few loose ends left so I will be very interested to see where this goes in the second book The only reason why this book lost a star is because I really had to pay close attention, and I learned this too late Especially at the end It got somewhat confusing and I had some difficulty following what was going down with all the hullaballoo I m going to chalk much of it up to the version I read being an unfinished arc I m definitely buying a finished copy and if it improves my rating will definitely switch to five stars Regardless, there are a lot of details coming at you, and no matter how small or big they are they need to be filed away for future. theatre queer girls rebelling against a vengeful god tattoo magici m sold insta twitter blog booksirens duolingo sorry, did you say queer fantasy with tattoo magic This includes a character called Anya, so naturally, I ll be reading it

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