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Bonds of Brass A Young Pilot Risks Everything To Save His Best Friend The Man He Trusts Most And Might Even Love Only To Learn That He S Secretly The Heir To A Brutal Galactic EmpireEttian Nassun S Life Was Shattered When The Merciless Umber Empire Invaded He S Spent Seven Years Putting Himself Back Together Under Its Rule, Joining An Umber Military Academy And Becoming The Best Pilot In His Class Even Better, He S Met Gal Veres His Exasperating And Infuriatingly Enticing Roommate Who S Made The Academy Feel Like A New HomeBut When Dozens Of Classmates Spring An Assassination Plot On Gal, A Devastating Secret Comes To Light Gal Is The Heir To The Umber Empire Ettian Barely Manages To Save His Best Friend And Flee The Compromised Academy Unscathed, Rattled Both That Gal Stands To Inherit The Empire That Broke Him And That There Are Still People Willing To Fight Back Against Umber Rule As They Piece Together A Way To Deliver Gal Safely To His Throne, Ettian Finds Himself Torn In Half By An Impossible Choice Does He Save The Man Who S Won His Heart And Trust That Gal S Goodness Could Transform The Empire Or Does He Throw His Lot In With The Brewing Rebellion And Fight To Take Back What S Rightfully Theirs

About the Author: Emily Skrutskie

Emily Skrutskie is six feet tall She was born in Massachusetts, raised in Virginia, and forged in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado She holds a B.A in Performing and Media Arts from Cornell University, where she studied an outrageous and demanding combination of film, computer science, and game design She is the author of THE ABYSS SURROUNDS US and its sequel, THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS, as

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    slowly removes my heart shaped sunglasses so did you hear that this is gay sci fi with a bffs to lovers romance between a pilot and his best friend who is the secret heir of a galactic empire has pretty much every trope that sings to my heart, including but not limite

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    this book said finnpoe rights and i am FOR IT

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    emily skrutskie said if i can t have canon finnpoe i ll just do it myself and i respect that

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    BONDS OF BRASS is my big little troublemaker It was the book I wrote in the spring of 2016 remember those days and it d been the joyful light that s carried me through the time since then It s made of secrets and lies and the ultimate question of how far you can trust someone who s been lying t

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    Tor We have the LGBT sci fi market cornered, bitches Del Rey WE RE CHANGING OUR NAME TO DEL GAY

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    I received an ARC of this novel from a Goodreads Giveaway hosted by Random House Book Club.Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie was amazing than I could have imagined This book served as an introduction to Skrutskie s work, and I was honestly impressed Other than reading the synopsis and seeing mutual friends post

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    Sometimes, you just have a powerful feeling that you re going to love a book and in my experience, that instinct is never to be ignored Bonds of Brass first came to my attention randomly, on twitter Still in the depths of my Star Wars obsession and salty over Rise of Skywalker oh so salty , I had to request it It seemed

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    this is so totally a finnpoe book isnt itill have 10

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    Ultimately a gripping science fiction that features a him and him star crossed romance within a political landscape on the cusp of a revolution One side came to power in blood while the other side seeks justice, and Ettian must decide where his loyalties lie Ettian, our protagonist, is in love with a boy that tests his loyalty to his orig

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    I blurbed this book and said An exciting YA space opera full of action and adventure that explores the bonds of loyalty and love and what happens when they are stretched to their limits Lots of fun, great tension between the characters, danger, excitement it s all there The resolution was a bit jarring but not fatally so A solid YA space opera.

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