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The Undocumented Americans Villavicencio writes in support of undocumented Americans in this honest and timely expose Coming from a similar background, she writes from her own experiences and those of her father, about the treatment and marginalization of undocumented people by U.S citizens and the U.S government True stories about real people are written throughout the book The personal accounts are painful to read about and I couldn t help but wonder how people could be treated in such a manner, undocumented or not Most confessed they came to the U.S to make a better life for their children back home Many seemed to look forward to returning to their own country one day, in order to live out the rest of their lives in peace Going from minimum wage job to sometimes, less than minimum wage, worrying about their next meal, finding safe housing, missing and spending years away from their wives, husbands, and children and constant fear of being deported is a very sad and stressful way to live It is the life of the undocumented, though.The author s compassion, as well as her anger, comes through in her writing as she relays what she s learned about the difficult lives of the people Undocumented Americans sheds light on these desperate members of society who are taken advantage of merely because they want to better their own lives and the lives of their families This was an eye opening read for me.Thank you Netgalley, publisher and Karla Cornejo Villavicencio, author. Thank you to Netgalley and One World Books for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.The backbone of American is built on immigrants coming to this country The majority of Americans can date their ancestry back to other countries making their ancestors immigrants in the U.S at one point We are so easy to forget where are forefathers came from With the current political climate and the hatred towards immigrants, The Undocumented Americans is a MUST read.Karla Cornejo Villavicencio is herself an undocumented immigrant and one of the first undocumented immigrants to graduate from Harvard In this book she travels across the United States to see the conditions immigrants live in and how poorly our government along with so many Americans treat these human beings Undocumented immigrants are not given access to healthcare, driver s licenses, water such as in Flint, Michigan and so many other things They are pay into our federal tax system and get nothing back but the possibility of deportation So many came to the U.S seeking sanctuary and or better lives than their previous living conditions In return, they ve found harsh conditions that are only proving to get harder by the day Who wants to be constantly living in fear for their lives Karla weaves the narrative beautifully bringing to life all the things immigrants have done for our country including her undocumented parents For instance, a large number of undocumented immigrants helped with the clean up following 9 11 but their sacrifices are forgotten In return they re dealing with life threatening conditions because of their goodwill in helping their newly adopted country They work horrendous hours for meager pay that is even less than minimum wage in work conditions that are sometimes less than ideal They face harassment from people because of their skin color and where they originated from by individuals that are younger than them and have lived in the U.S less time than them.The Undocumented Americans is a must read not only going into the 2020 presidential election but also to enlighten Americans about what s going on in our country I highlighted so much of this book and if it was a physical book it would be almost yellow from the highlights I think this book will be up there with Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson as a must read to help us attempt to make the country better. One Of The First Undocumented Immigrants To Graduate From Harvard Reveals The Hidden Lives Of Her Fellow Undocumented Americans In This Deeply Personal And Groundbreaking Portrait Of A NationWriter Karla Cornejo Villavicencio Was On DACA When She Decided To Write About Being Undocumented For The First Time Using Her Own Name It Was Right After The Election Of , The Day She Realized The Story She D Tried To Steer Clear Of Was The Only One She Wanted To Tell So She Wrote Her Immigration Lawyer S Phone Number On Her Hand In Sharpie And Embarked On A Trip Across The Country To Tell The Stories Of Her Fellow Undocumented Immigrants And To Find The Hidden Key To Her OwnLooking Beyond The Flashpoints Of The Border Or The Activism Of The DREAMers, Cornejo Villavicencio Explores The Lives Of The Undocumented And The Mysteries Of Her Own Life She Finds The Nation Of Singular, Effervescent Characters Often Reduced In The Media To Political Pawns Or Nameless Laborers The Stories She Tells Are Not Deferential Or Naively Inspirational But Show The Love, Magic, Heartbreak, Insanity, And Vulgarity That Infuse The Day To Day Lives Of Her SubjectsIn New York, We Meet The Undocumented Workers Who Were Recruited Into The Federally Funded Ground Zero Cleanup After In Miami, We Enter The Ubiquitous Botanicas, Which Offer Medicinal Herbs And Potions To Those Whose Status Blocks Them From Any Other Healthcare Options In Flint, Michigan, We Learn Of Demands For State ID In Order To Receive Life Saving Clean Water In Connecticut, Cornejo Villavicencio, Childless By Choice, Finds Family In Two Teenage Girls Whose Father Is In Sanctuary And Through It All We See The Author Grappling With The Biggest Questions Of Love, Duty, Family, And SurvivalIn Her Incandescent, Relentlessly Probing Voice, Cornejo Villavicencio Combines Sensitive Reporting And Powerful Personal Narratives To Bring To Light Remarkable Stories Of Resilience, Madness, And Death Through These Stories We Come To Understand What It Truly Means To Be A Stray An Expendable A Hero An American The Undocumented Americans is upfront and unflinching about what it is going to give you the story of everyday people who are trying to live their lives without the security of documented status It paints a vivid picture of the ways in which our nation is all too ready to take advantage of the strengths that undocumented Latinx folks bring but also readily deport them Cornejo Villavicencio captures the pain that it creates and how our policies have perpetuated a cycle of trauma This should, without a doubt, be recommended reading Each chapter focuses on a different location and a different story from the missing and uncounted undocumented workers in 9 11 to families torn apart when their fathers take refuge in churches from deportation orders each one is lovingly depicted What I found striking is that Cornejo Villavicencio is sharing her story through others, through the interconnectedness of experience and the threat of deportation She remarks later in the book that she can t call herself a journalist because journalists don t get involved in the way she does, and it is clear that it makes her a powerful storyteller who carries the full weight of taking action, with lived experience of her own I can t imagine the cost of what that meant for the author in writing this book or for the folks that were willing to share their stories, but hopefully we can walk away fighting for a different future Not just for the children but for the parents and elders that have made it their lives to be American even as America sets them apart.I will definitely be buying copies of this book when it comes out for the book group at my work and facilitating a discussion Thanks to NetGalley for the e arc, all opinions are my own. There are very few books I read as rapidly as I did THE UNDOCUMENTED AMERICANS by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio I love nonfiction that reads like fiction EVICTED or THREE WOMEN come to mind true stories told through a literary lens These vignettes of undocumented Americans span the US from New York City to rural Ohio to Miami to Flint, Michigan but what I loved most was the author adds herself into the narrative, with glimpses into her relationships with those she s interviewing, her family and her mental health The result was a patchwork of stories that made me smile sometimes, angry sometimes, sad often Ultimately these are the stories people like me need to not be naive to Researchers have shown that the flooding of stress hormones resulting from a traumatic separation from your parents at a young age kills off some many dendrites and neurons in the brain that it results in permanent psychological and physical changes One psychiatrist I went to told me that my brain looked like a tree without branches So I just think about all the children who have been separated from their parents, and there s a lot of us, past and present, and some under traumatic circumstances than others like those who are in the internment camps right now and I just imagine us as an army of mutants We ve all been touched by this monster, and our brains are forever changed, and we all have trees without branches in there, and what will happen to us Who will we become Who will take care of us Thanks to Netgalley and Random House for the chance to review it early in exchange for an honest review This review was also posted on my Instagram at bookishmolly Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher, fir this free review copy.The Undocumented Americans is a raw look at what it is like to live in America I know words will fail me when I try to write this review, as I am a white American, and my immigrant parents, are also white.Growing up on a dairy farm, most of my dads employees were Mexican I m sure a huge majority of them were here illegally, but it is not something that was brought up I always listened to their stories and played with their children, some of whom I am still friends with on Facebook We were always told to be thankful we were born in America, so we would never have to know the struggle I really enjoyed this book, and the stories we got to read I love nonfiction books that read like fiction The author pours her heart and soul into getting to know all the people, she is writing about She tells her own story as well, and we get to learn about her own parents There are some parts of the book that are hard to read, once you realize how hard working, good hearted people, are treated For one thing, most available jobs for undocumented immigrants are jobs Americans will not do, which takes healthy young migrants and makes them age terribly At a certain point, manual labor is no longer possible Aging undocumented people have no safety net Even though half of undocumented people pay into Social Security, none are eligible for the benefits They are unable to purchase health insurance They probably don t own their own homes I hope everyone will take some time and read this book It is a must read, and full of truth On sale March 24th, 2020. THE UNDOCUMENTED AMERICANS Karla Cornejo VillavicencioThank you OneWorld and Netgalley for an advanced copy This book needs to be on your reading list for 2020 Go pre order, it s out on 3 24 2020 I chose this book for a reading prompt A book by a woman that inspires me And Karla has done that and then some I can tell you it s definitely in my top 10 for the year Karla was the first undocumented immigrant to graduate from Harvard, and she weaves together these stories in such a way that makes you feel deeply connected to each individual She has done so much, seen so much, and continues to be a voice and an advocate for those that need her I m truly inspired You can tell she knows what she s talking about, because she has lived it The work she has put into this novel is astounding and one of the most heartfelt reflections of undocumented Americans that I have ever read She takes the real life world that isn t reflected in big media stories and truly shows how beautiful the Latinx community is Her steadfast and determined personality shines through in her writing as she gives us a look inside the daily lives of undocumented Americans from around the U.S all of which are facing hardships and grappling with the huge questions of love, duty, family, and survival She s also very light hearted and funny at times, which shows how often those that face the hardest things in life are still some of the most caring, giving people themselves..I felt my own family reflected in the pages as I read My dad is not comfortable talking about growing up as a child of an immigrant I can see the confusion and pain in his eyes when he talks about it He always goes on the say that we were all born here and that we don t have to worry about that It s heartbreaking, and I can feel that fear passed down through the generations I see now how assimilation has effected our family over the years from when I was a child My dad was taught to just blend in as best as possible, and not be seen He taught me the same keep your nose down and work hard Passing the torch of what good immigrants are supposed look like If you ve ever read Homegoing, this book kinda feels like that for me looking back on the past of what my grandparents went through, which is what millions of people are going through right now in 2020 Karla does an amazing and empathetic job of writing these stories I m extremely privileged as a Mexican American The story of immigration is not my story, but I feel connected to it It s my grandpa s story, it s my cousins story, my uncle s story, and so many of my friends stories After my recent talk with my dad about immigration, he got emotional and said that he was happy that I haven t forgotten who I really am So, this book has not only hit me deeply especially in a time after the emotional stress and labor over another book that so poorly represents my heritage was released it has knit my dad and I even closer We all stick together very strongly in this little town in the southwest, where we have a huge and beautiful Mexican community This book has broken my heart and lifted me up again, and given me hope and guidance I have so many feelings about it, I don t know that I m articulating perfectly how I feel It has made me so proud of where I come from because of the of true perseverance and kindness shown in these pages That no matter what we are faced with, the Latinx community is thriving and colorful and generous These are the real stories We are not a brown faceless mass GO READ THIS BOOK ALREADY Karla Cornejo Villavicencio writes in this honest, conversational, sometimes funny, sometimes dark, tone that immediately draws you into her book, and takes you on her journey The Undocumented Americans is her story of travelling around the US and collecting stories from undocumented immigrants in different communities But it is also her story of self discovery, of understanding her parents and their choices, and I loved how intertwined these stories are in the book, how intertwined all of our stories were Back in 2016 I also started to collect what I called Immigration Stories asking friends and friends of friends to either write them for me, or to let me write them for them, letting them use their own names, pseudonyms, or remain anonymous Basically for the same reasons that the author describes in her book to give voices to those of us so often vilified by those in power We are all human, equal, no matter where we come from and where we are going to And also because there is often either an emphasis on immigrants who are exceptional, and or emphasis on those who commit crimes, but never enough on every day people who are working hard to get by When I set about asking people for stories it was interesting for me to see that those who did respond were those with the most to lose, while those who were too afraid even if they remained anonymous were the ones who didn t really have anything to worry about Karla Cornejo Villavicencio came to the US as a child and has her own experience as living undocumented in the US She seems to have a wonderful ability of getting people to let their guard down and tell their stories Day laborers in Staten Island, workers who were part of both the 9 11 clean up and the Hurricane Sandy clean up, workers who are suffering the same issues that firefighters who were there suffer ed from, but whose stories we don t hear about Immigrants in Flint, MI, where obtaining clean water was a battle without State ID, and where the damage the water caused is still unknown Immigrants living in Miami where illnesses are treated via botanicas, because they are denied other healthcare options due to their immigration status and or inability to pay thousands for healthcare There are also important stories of children growing up without a parent due to the parent s deportation, and stories of living in the sanctuary of a church while waiting for immigration courts to grant a stay And so many stories, lives that we must all read about, ordinary lives of people tasked to do the extraordinary just to get by The loneliness, the sadness, the depression, but also the happy moments, the incredible times I love how the author writes, how she never glosses over a topic just to make the reader feel better This is one of those books that I think everyone must read, especially if you are not an immigrant or a child of an immigrant although there is a lot that my partner and I both related to in this book, and it made us feel seen, so immigrants and children of immigrants will also benefit from reading it Thank you Karla Cornejo Villavicencio for your work and your writing, this book has my heart.Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review. Language can often fail us and can be manipulated to present a one dimensional view of our life and those in our community It then becomes jarring to see these depictions and realize that they don t match the world you ve seen, lived and loved In this way, The Undocumented Americans comes into our purview to highlight the nuances that we know exist contradicting the headlines that constantly bombard us Karla Cornejo Villavicencio takes her empathy, her desire to help, her experience as a child of immigrants, as a Dreamer and as a human being to allow us to come along with her to get to share in people and their stories Villavicencio is hilarious, so much of her writing is weaved with humor because she understands that we can either cry or laugh about it, so we choose to laugh The tapestry weaved into this story contains threads to show the many dimensions of The Undocumented Americans I laughed a lot in this story, I cried and I was enraged by the many injustices that we are currently living in I felt an impotence that I wasn t comfortable with but I also felt proud of the resilience and hope shown by the people that Villavicencio was able to connect with This book is about Villavicencio s journey towards different parts of the United States, she looks back at events like the World Trade Center, Hurricane Sandy, the Flint Water Crisis and looks at how these events further damage people without documents We are allowed to witness the trauma of family separation through Villavicencio s own life and through the lives of people that are currently experiencing it We are reminded of what makes the Latinx community so amazing, how we keep our humor, we keep our empathy and we keep our hope There are so many things that resonated with me about this book but there is one that stuck out, Villavicencio writes, I m looking to interview children of immigrants partly to get a blueprint for myself because I m lost and I am scared, so I set off to find somebody a little older, someone who has been doing this for a while Holy shit did this craft the language of my soul I didn t realize how much being the child of immigrant has made an imprint into my way of thinking I am constantly seeking blueprints where there aren t any and trying to figure out what the future will look like for my parents and how I can help to mitigate some of their fears despite feeling I have no control to what the future is shaping out to be So here s the question, why should you read this book Well, given the popularity of a certain book it seems that there is a desire for readers to seek out a narrative of what s happening regarding immigration in this country This book welcomes you to look at different people s lives, their desires, their strengths, and their humanity and get to witness how they live in a country that constantly shows them that it doesn t want them But you know what screw that, they re here, they have made a life, they have survived and they will continue being here because as an undocumented immigrant, everything we do is technically against the law We re illegal So do yourself a favor and pre order this book Thank you to the publisher for the free review copy I am not a journalist Journalists are not allowed to get involved the way I have gotten involved Journalists, to the best of my knowledge, do not try to change the outcome of their stories as crudely as I do I send water I fight with immigration lawyers I raise money I make arrangements with supernatural spirits to stop deportations I try to solve shit the way an immigrant s kids try to solve shit for their parent because these people are all my parents, I am their child, if I wasn t their child and I was their child I should be patented and mass produced and distributed to undocumented immigrants at Walmarts I am a professional immigrant s daughter The United States makes life impossibly hard for undocumented immigrants Either you will be familiar with these challenges and see yourself or your family and friends in these pages or you will be enlightened to the reality that many face.Getting a drivers license in some states, health insurance, obtaining clean water, facing the threat of being deported at any moment, being able to retire with dignity or having any financial safety net are just some of the daily struggles that this book shines a light on.Karla, one of the first undocumented immigrants to graduate from Harvard, gives a piece of herself to each of the people she interviews, and to readers of this book You can feel her exhaustion and rage in each page She has created something here that is really special.An incredible, unforgettable 5 book Pre order, read, and share this book as much as you can.

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