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The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky The Queer Teen Historical You Didn T Know Was Missing From Your Life Teen Vogue, On The Gentleman S Guide To Vice And VirtueIn This Funny And Frothy Novella That Picks Up Where The New York Times Bestselling The Gentleman S Guide To Vice And Virtue Leaves Off, Freshly Minted Couple Monty And Percy Fumble Through Their First Time Together.Monty S Epic Grand Tour May Be Over, But Now That He And Percy Are Finally A Couple, He Realizes There Is Something Nerve Wracking Than Being Chased Across Europe Getting Together With The Person You Love.Will The Romantic Allure Of Santorini Make His First Time With Percy Magical, Or Will All The Anticipation And Build Up Completely Spoil The Mood 1 The Gentlemen s Guide To Vice and Virtue The Gentlemen s Guide To Getting Lucky 2 The Lady s Guide To Petticoats and Piracy omfg i love them so much it hurts Reading this novella is all fun and games until it makes you achingly aware of the lack of cuddling you re experiencing in your life.So without further ado, here s a list of iconic and memorable moments in this book First of all, nothing will ever come close to touching the humor and perfect execution of the question do you mean to tell me that you have not actually fornicated yet being met with the incredulous and slightly indignant response dear God, Felicity I genuinely strive to cultivate the same holy union of eternal chill and unsubtle snark of Felicity Montague she radiates such mom energy I want her to embarrass me and make me breakfast I stepped on a cockroach this morning when I got out of bed did I tell you that I know, I heard you scream To be fair to Monty, anyone who says they re not even moderately afraid of cockroaches is either lying or na ve Speaking of which, let s have a discussion about Monty I love him That s it That s the discussion Look, I didn t ask to be a fan of Monty I didn t ask to have my life disrupted by a tiny meatball of a man who s half 18th century version of a frat boy and half sensitive artist Why this Why me I didn t ask for this Monty telling Felicity Jesus would be mad at her for stealing his day when her birthday fell on Easter one year Percy mentions how tiny Monty is Monty Monty solemnly stating that the only reason Odysseus resisted the sirens was because none of them had an ass as fantastic as Percy s Monty takes a deep breath Monty Percy Anyone who has spent five seconds around Monty yes, Percy has a nice ass, we know, you love Percy s ass You could write a goddamn opera in honor of his ass WE KNOW WE GET IT YOU LOVE PERCY S ASS Monty, lamenting the lack of whoopee in his life I m a bit concerned my virginity is starting to grow back puts both hands on Monty s shoulders and gazes intently into his eyes Monty, you fucking moron, that s not how it works Monty unsubtly flexing while cuddling with Percy to impress him with his meaty arms I guess Monty factually maintaining that he would be sporting a semi if Percy so much as sneezes or breathes or generally exists in Monty s defense, no man will ever be as attractive as Percy emerging from the ocean shirtless, water dripping on his chest and a wide grin on his face, inviting Monty for a swim That s just a fact So I m sure you ve caught on that this novella is pretty much just about Monty making commendable if doomed efforts to get laid I wish I put as much effort into my college assignments as Monty did for such a noble cause Also, I can t overstate my appreciation for how committed Felicity was to assisting Monty in finally smashing Percy Not only did she come up with an ingenuously elaborate plan to get rid of the sailors aboard the ship, she also tidied up the room and lit candles and arranged for food on the table Are there are there real siblings like Felicity Montague do they..exist What I should have been worried about how I am going to pay for collegeWhat I d been worried about how Monty Percy will get it on without ruining their relationship Seriously This novella should just be called Two times Monty didn t get laid and the one time he di what s that That didn t work either Well I m actually slightly concerned about Monty, he was literally half dead of blue balls by the end In my defense, we were left unsupervised I mean, look, that s relatable Plus being the gay human disaster of the family is hard work but someone Monty has to do it Also apparently, Percy Newton, the human manifestation of a condensed sunshine, reads erotic leaflets in his past time I don t know what to do with this piece of information Percy s my son I ve never thought about him like that and I never will In fact, I already forgot about it goodbye Jokes aside, I binge read this book and it was the best therapy session I ve ever had Percy and Monty love each other so much which prompted a very awkward moment in which I realized the actual physical ache in my chest is because of the romance between two fictional characters I love them so much I don t really want to use words, just flail my arms and shriek in different pitches to express my feelings and I m warm with the satisfaction of knowing that Monty and Percy will forever be okay because they ve learned the most indispensable Relationship 101 lesson you know what s ultimately so fucking hot an open and healthy communication and feeling validated and understood and appreciated Fuck yeah also, not gonna lie, I almost cried at Scipio fiercely apologizing to Monty for ever feeling like he had to hide who he is from him, and apologizing that the world makes him feel as though he has to a fictional pirate is literally a better father figure than most dads in the worldI wish I could travel backward in time and tell Monty of two years ago, lying on the lawn of his father s house with a bruised rib cage, realizing he was falling in love with the only person who gave him a reason to live, that he d be here somedayBLOG TWITTER INSTAGRAM TUMBLR Hi This novella will officially be on sale November 26, 2019 in hardcover, digital, and audio, narrated once by Christian Coulson aka real life Monty Tom Riddle in Harry Potter 2 Thanks for your patience as we worked this out Smashing that Lady s Guide pre order button harder than Monty wants to smash Percy

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