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War Girls Two Sisters Are Torn Apart By War And Must Fight Their Way Back To Each Other In A Futuristic, Black Panther Inspired NigeriaThe Year Is Climate Change And Nuclear Disasters Have Rendered Much Of Earth Unlivable Only The Lucky Ones Have Escaped To Space Colonies In The Sky In A War Torn Nigeria, Battles Are Fought Using Flying, Deadly Mechs And Soldiers Are Outfitted With Bionic Limbs And Artificial Organs Meant To Protect Them From The Harsh, Radiation Heavy Climate Across The Nation, As The Years Long Civil War Wages On, Survival Becomes The Only Way Of Life Two Sisters, Onyii And Ify, Dream Of Their Lives Have Been Marked By Violence And Political Unrest Still, They Dream Of Peace, Of Hope, Of A Future TogetherAnd They Re Willing To Fight An Entire War To Get ThereAcclaimed Author Tochi Onyebuchi Has Written An Immersive, Action Packed, Deeply Personal Novel Perfect For Fans Of Nnedi Okorafor, Marie Lu, And Paolo Bacigalupi

About the Author: Tochi Onyebuchi

Tochi Onyebuchi is a writer based in Connecticut He holds a MFA in Screenwriting from Tisch and a J.D from Columbia Law School His writing has appeared in Asimov s and Ideomancer, among other places Beasts Made of Night is his debut.

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    I m ashamed to admit that I went into reading WAR GIRLS knowing almost nothing about the Nigerian Civil War that ravaged the country in the late 1960s, following a declaration of secession and resulting in the displacement and death by famine of countless millions I held my breath through much of this book It s the

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    clutches book to chest and strokes the cover lovingly whilst crooning under my breath all the love songs I can think of

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    Received through Bookish com

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    LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS COVER This is going to be fucking amazing

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    I had a hard time finishing this book for multiple reasons First, I don t enjoy reading dystopian books and the subject matter of girls being forced to kill in a war is very difficult to read about The author shines a light on a part of history I had no idea about I think for those like myself who are not familiar with the Nigerian Civil War, the stor

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    Black Panther inspired Nigeriaadds to list

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    The full reviewcan be found at The Book Bratz I received an ARC of WAR GIRLS are BookExpo 2019 I met Tochi ass BookExpo this year and though I wasn t familiar with his previous works he was incredibly fun to talk to and was down to earth He was also super excited to talk with everyone who was on his signing line and made sure that everyone was able to have their moment

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    29 3 19A scifi in Nigeria About two sisters and their bond WHAT My heart has dropped This is freaking awesome, maybe I am biased because I m Nigerian, but damn I love how there is so muchdiversity coming out in the literary world the past few years The young girl inside of me that dreamed of reading stuff like is squealing You can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Webs

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    I received an ARC from BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review.War Girls follows Onyii and Ify two sisters in a war torn world The book takes place in 2172 where there was a nuclear war I honestly had such high hopes for this book, especially because the cover is so beautiful and looks promising.I didn t like this book as much as I had hoped I love anything and everything fantasy,

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    Decided to quit at 30%The combination of Inexplicable time jumps and not personally having prior knowledge of the Nigerian civil war made this one boring and uninteresting to me.

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