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Download Hippie Paulo Coelho Freeboooks.com In Hippie, His Most Autobiographical Novel To Date, Paulo Coelho Takes Us Back In Time To Re Live The Dream Of A Generation That Longed For Peace And Dared To Challenge The Established Social Order Authoritarian Politics, Conservative Modes Of Behavior, Excessive Consumerism, And An Unbalanced Concentration Of Wealth And Power.Following The Three Days Of Peace And Music At Woodstock, The 1969 Gathering In Bethel, NY That Would Change The World Forever, Hippie Paradises Began To Emerge All Around The World In The Dam Square In Amsterdam, Long Haired Young People Wearing Vibrant Clothes And Burning Incense Could Be Found Meditating, Playing Music And Discussing Sexual Liberation, The Expansion Of Consciousness And The Search For An Inner Truth They Were A Generation Refusing To Live The Robotic And Unquestioning Life That Their Parents Had Known.At This Time, Paulo Is A Young, Skinny Brazilian With A Goatee And Long, Flowing Hair Who Wants To Become A Writer He Sets Off On A Journey In Search Of Freedom And A Deeper Meaning For His Life First, With A Girlfriend, On The Famous Death Train To Bolivia, Then On To Peru And Later Hitchhiking Through Chile And Argentina.His Travels Take Him Further, To The Famous Square In Amsterdam, Where Paulo Meets Karla, A Dutch Woman Also In Her 20s She Convinces Paulo To Join Her On A Trip To Nepal, Aboard The Magic Bus That Travels Across Europe And Central Asia To Kathmandu They Embark On A Journey In The Company Of Fascinating Fellow Travelers, Each Of Whom Has A Story To Tell, And Each Of Whom Will Undergo A Transformation, Changing Their Priorities And Values, Along The Way As They Travel Together, Paulo And Karla Explore Their Own Relationship, An Awakening On Every Level That Brings Each Of Them To A Choice And A Decision That Sets The Course For Their Lives Thereafter. Hippie

About the Author: Paulo Coelho

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hippie book, this is one of the most wanted Paulo Coelho author readers around the world.

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    I have read two other Coelho books and was spiritually influenced by both Both were full of wisdom and abstract concepts Loved them both The Alchemist and Manuscript Found in Accra.To me this book beat them both Why It is the most autobiographical book written by Coelho and it is grounded in reality Perhaps, too, because I lived in the 60 s, during the hippie era, it means a lot to me.I also learned things about Coelho I did not know

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    There is no way I am missing this book I would love,love,love to see what it reveals

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    Paulo Coelho kar ma kt k a okudu um bir yazar Hi aramad m ama bulduk a da keyifle sohbet etti im bir dost gibi Biraz da karde bir ruh gibi duyumsuyorum Paulo yu Bu da en i ten ve sade sohbetimizdi san r m u anda bulundu um ruh halinde bana harekete ge me...

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    Beraber y r y n, sarho lu unuzun ve mutlulu unuzun kayna hayat olsun, ama mesafenizi koruyun ki kimse kimseyi ta mak zorunda kalmas n d mek de yolun bir par as d r ve herkes d nce yaln z ba na aya a kalkmay renmelidir.

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    Kitab ook be endim Yazar zaten ok seviyorum, Hayata bak ve kitaplar nda da bahsetti i fark ndal okumay seviyorum.T m kitaplar n okudum ve bu kitap zet gibi olmu d nyas n samimi ve bilmemiz gerekti i kadar n anlatm.Ok rken ger ekte...

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    Por destino o casualidad lleg esta novela a mis manos Y, he de admitir que, desde que la empec no pude parar de leerla No es que haya le do mucho de Paulo Coelho, a penas dos o tres libros, pero tengo claro que sta es su obra m s representativa y autobiogr fica.Narrada en tercera persona, y a modo de relato, encontramos una historia que nos hace viajar desde msterdam hasta Katmand permitiendo al lector conocer a un Coe...

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    Paulo Coelho is an excellent writer for sure, and apparently this is a half autobiographical book from his side but i feel like for some reason it s left in the middle We read about the journey of Karla and Paulo, how the relationship is growing and turning into something else Towards the end no spoilers Paulo finds some answers but i feel like it happens too quickly and we re not really sure what s going on as readers And all of a sudden, the book en

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    OK, so I m a fairly big Paulo Coelho fan I loved The Alchemist and several of his other writings His prose is lyrical and thought provoking and I just love that it s like nothing else I ve ever read, no matter what the subject I went into this with two thoughts in my mind 1 That it s sort of a memoir of his life in the 70 s, or at least based on experiences he s had Who wouldn t want to see what experiences shaped this brilliant writer and, 2 Although I

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    Paulo Coelho is undoubtedly an exceptional writer Hippie is a half autobiographical book reflecting the writer s experience I have always loved Paulo Coelho s writing style which is extremely lyrical and charismatic He invokes such evocative images in one s mind and has a powerful fluency with language that mesmerizes t...

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    Travel the world like a hippieI m not sure what to make of this It s a fascinating travel guide on the one hand and we get to see and experience some wonderful places but as a memoir I got a bit lost as it reads like a gap year diary going from one thought to another with little direction.I suppose people who experienced the hippie stage of life might getfrom this but Paulo tells you what happened fact after fact without really delving into the whys and wheref

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