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The Kingdom of Back As someone who played the piano for over 10 years, consider me INTRIGUED Like what is this synopsis Whatever, I m here for it Perfect for fans of The Hazel Wood From New York Times Bestselling Author Marie Lu Comes A Historical YA Fantasy About A Musical Prodigy And The Dangerous Lengths She Ll Go To Make History Remember Her Perfect For Fans Of Susanna Clarke And The Hazel WoodTwo Siblings Two Brilliant Talents But Only One Mozart Born With A Gift For Music, Nannerl Mozart Has Just One Wish To Be Remembered Forever But Even As She Delights Audiences With Her Masterful Playing, She Has Little Hope She Ll Ever Become The Acclaimed Composer She Longs To Be She Is A Young Woman In Th Century Europe, And That Means Composing Is Forbidden To Her She Will Perform Only Until She Reaches A Marriageable Age Her Tyrannical Father Has Made That Much ClearAnd As Nannerl S Hope Grows Dimmer With Each Passing Year, The Talents Of Her Beloved Younger Brother, Wolfgang, Only Seem To Shine Brighter His Brilliance Begins To Eclipse Her Own, Until One Day A Mysterious Stranger From A Magical Land Appears With An Irresistible Offer He Has The Power To Make Her Wish Come True But His Help May Cost Her EverythingIn Her First Work Of Historical Fiction, New York Times Bestselling Author Marie Lu Spins A Lush, Lyrically Told Story Of Music, Magic, And The Unbreakable Bond Between A Brother And Sister To be remembered in this world, she created another Thou who hath pranced amidst this land,Thou who hath walked upon thy hand,And thou who hath danced on the river s strandBehold my quietus, my quiet stand Behold these tears and please withstand,My wailing and waning and weening, and,Behold my death of thee, I demand Oh lo and behold my life so damned,And watch my dawning demise, so grand Then seize my murderer, oh that I command Bury and bind the book in this sand,Within my grave, this during brandAnd it shall be no longer bland. from The Infatuated Ineffable Ramblings of Mary the Merry NOTE view spoiler the book just inspired me, okay Hush now hide spoiler Um WHAT IS THIS update look every time I get new information about this book my heart swells with excitementI ADDED THIS BOOK AS SOON AS I SAW MARIE LU S NAME and when I read the description it got even better I ve always thought it sad that Nannerl couldn t pursue music like her brother because 18th century gender roles are the worst plus, it s MARIE LU, so this is basically guaranteed to be amazing but 2019.that s so far away weeps silently into bowl of cheerios Marie Lu is just releasing new book after new book, I am so down for this I will read her friggin grocery list if given the opportunity She s one of best ya writes ever i wish in high school we got to study Marie Lu not Moby dick Why isn t Goodreads raving about this cover Also, this is a standalone so I am here for it I think new series should be kept secret until, say, six moths before the release, especially if it s an author like Marie Lu we re talking about, because jeez, my heart plummets when I look at that hideous Expected publication 2019 Just sayin.

About the Author: Marie Lu

Thanks I write young adult novels, and have a special love for dystopian books Ironically, I was born in 1984 Before becoming a full time writer, I was an Art Director at a video game company Now I shuffle around at home and talk to myself a lot I graduated from the University of Southern California in 06 and currently live in LA, where I spend my time stuck on the freeways.

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