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Forever Words : The Unknown Poems Since his first recordings in , Johnny Cash has been an icon in the music world Now comes a collection of as yet unpublished poems and song lyrics by Cash In these words, we see the world through his eyes, his reflection upon his own interior reality his frailties and his strengths alike The poetry reveals his depth of understanding, both of the world around him and within He pens verses in his hallmark voice, reflecting on love, pain, freedom and mortality He also reveals insightful observations upon culture, his family, his fame and even ChristmasIllustrated with facsimile reproductions of Cash s own handwritten pages, Forever Words is a remarkable new addition to the canon of one of America s heroes Specifically, it confirms Johnny Cash as a brilliant American literary figure His music is a part of our collective history, but here the depth of his artistry and talent become evenevident Edited and with an introduction by Paul Muldoon, as well as a preface by John Carter Cash, this is a book sure to delight and surprise fans the world overJohnny Cash was an American icon and country music superstar Cash first sang publically while in the air force in the early fifteis Married to country legent June Carter, he became the youngest person ever to be chosen for the Country Music Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in , the Gospel Hall of Fame and is also a member of the Songwriter s Hall of Fame He is a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors as well as the National Medal of Arts Over the course of his career, he appeared in feature films, hosted his own television show, he won nineteen Grammy awards, four of them posthumously, and performed everywhere from the Folsom State Prison to the White HouseJohn Carter Cash, having been involved in music all his life, is an accomplished and award winning record producer However, his activities in the creative world reach far beyond just music production He is also a singer songwriter and recording artist The grandson of Maybelle Carter and the only son to John R Cash and June Carter Cash, he preserves the family legacy and is a caretaker to the heritage of his musical ancestors He is also the author of three children s books, a biography on his father, one on his mother s life and a fantasy novel, Lupus RexPaul Muldoon is the author of twelve collections of verse, including Moy Sand and Gravel, for which he won thePulitzer Prize for Poetry He is Howard Clark Professor at Princeton University Betweenandhe was Professor of Poetry at Oxford Sincehe has served as Poetry Editor of The New Yorker He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Literature and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Letters

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