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No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need New York Times Bestseller National Book Award Longlist Publishers Weekly Best Books Of Donald Trump S Takeover Of The White House Is A Dangerous Escalation In A World Of Cascading Crises His Reckless Agenda Including A Corporate Coup In Government, Aggressive Scapegoating And Warmongering, And Sweeping Aside Climate Science To Set Off A Fossil Fuel Frenzy Will Generate Waves Of Disasters And Shocks To The Economy, National Security, And The Environment Acclaimed Journalist, Activist, And Bestselling Author Naomi Klein Has Spent Two Decades Studying Political Shocks, Climate Change, And Brand Bullies From This Unique Perspective, She Argues That Trump Is Not An Aberration But A Logical Extension Of The Worst, Most Dangerous Trends Of The Past Half Century The Very Conditions That Have Unleashed A Rising Tide Of White Nationalism The World Over It Is Not Enough, She Tells Us, To Merely Resist, To Say No Our Historical Moment Demands A Credible And Inspiring Yes, A Roadmap To Reclaiming The Populist Ground From Those Who Would Divide Us One That Sets A Bold Course For Winning The Fair And Caring World We Want And Need This Timely, Urgent Book From One Of Our Most Influential Thinkers Offers A Bracing Positive Shock Of Its Own, Helping Us Understand Just How We Got Here, And How We Can, Collectively, Come Together And Heal

About the Author: Naomi Klein

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Naomi Klein auteurs dans le monde.

15 thoughts on “No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need

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    Naomi Klein skilfully weaves together the analyses of her previous books to reveal the full awfulness of Trump and the politics he represents But than that, she explains why Trump came to power, and spells out how the failure of progr

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    Unfortunately I am of an age when I can only reflect on how my generation has failed I can take some solace in various stints of volunteer work but alas the wide world around me tells me we have in many ways failed Still, it is good to know t

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    This book gives the reasons behind Donald Trump s rise to the most powerful position in the world and how he is a symptom of a diseased political outlook and system This system has used the shock waves of disasters, both military and natural to push

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    Makes sense of a world that is deliberately being thrown into confusion so that a tiny minority can profit while the rest of us pay.The great thing about this book is the hope that it gives from about 2 3 of the way through there is analysis of what can be

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    I thoroughly recommend all of Naomi Klein s books and this is no exception its gift for the reader is some much needed new understandings of the practices of Donald Trump et al Nancy Maclean s Democracy in Chains is also a brilliant book, which approaches this su

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    It gives hope to those of us who feel like shrugging our shoulders and thinking we are ineffectual It explains why we feel marginalised and how we can begin to change that It s not just a rant against Trump it gives him a contextone to alter, or risk our planet.

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    This is a book it would be worthwhile for everyone to read It is a clear and we ll researchedacount of where the world has arrived at with particular reference to the US offering a positive message of hope and practical means of overcoming the negative spiral of events and cre

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    a must read for all people wondering why Trump has been elected and what s happening to the world

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    My gratitude to Naomi Klein for demystifying DT and for revealing the forces behind him, constituting the most vicious threat to humankind currently A must read for literally everyone Very conservative, right wing or neoliberal thinkers might not agree with the conclusions drawn but they mu

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    Everyone should read this It is a powerful wake up call to us all to start challenging the corporate greed and neoliberal politicians who are destroying our planet and our humanity She opens your eyes and mind to see what has been going on throughout the world in the last 50 years which has produc

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    I gave this book 5 stars as I came away wanting to read even I really enjoyed it and found it difficult to put down at times, sign of a very good book.It s worth a read if some of the events like the far right trump worries you at all.Although this book isn t just about bashing trump, it s also about of

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    This is a timely and fascinating book that lays bear the monstrous disregard of the leaders ofcthe Free World for anything that doesn t advantage them directly.We all know that Trump and his acolytes are hurling us towards the abyss Naomi Klein sets out an alternative that we need all decent people to embrace T

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    This is not your usual Naomi Klein in that it is a lot shorter and less academic It is however an excellent summary of how the world got to where it is now.

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    Well written and reflects whats is happening around us in the early years of our 21 st century.

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    An important book Klein explains what we should know, need to know and what to do with this information A worthy addition to her earlier journalistic books Great insight and extremely readable

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