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Believe Me : A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens This Excerpt Is From An Advance Uncorrected Copy Proof Copyright 2017 Eddie IzzardI N T R O D U C T I O NI Always Thought Id Write A Book About My Life Toward The End Of My Life, Like Ulysses S Grant Did Or Chaplin Did But I Have Noticedthat A Number Of People Maybe Lots Of People Have Done Autobiographies In The Middle Of Their Lives, Or Even Several Autobiographies Over Different Slices Of Their Lives I Came To The Conclusion That I Dont Really Know What The Rules Are For This.I Think Im A Really Boring Person I Think I Am Naturally Boring Probably Most Of Us Are Interesting People, Too, Probably Decided At Some Point In Life That They Were Boring And Wanted To Beinteresting Like Che Guevara, Who Was A Medical Student, Then Threw On A Beret, Became A Revolutionary, And Became Wayinteresting Billy Connolly, The Scottish Comedian, Who Really Influenced My Work, Used To Say In His Standup Material That He Did Certain Things To Make Him Self Windswept And Interesting I Identify With That Its Bonkers That In This World Some People Are Just Trying To Live And Exist While Im Sit Ting Here Thinking, Ooh Ive Done Some Interesting Things And Now Im Going To Write An AutobiographyBut That Is The Situation I Find Myself In Ive Done A Certain Number Of Things In My Life And Have Now Reached An Age And A State Of Mind Where Ive Come To Reflect On Those Things And Some People Want Me To Write Them Down.It Was At The End Of The Documentary Believe The Eddie Izzard Story When Sarah Townsend, The Director, Who Had Been Shooting Interviews With Me For Some Time, Said That I Never Really Say Anything.I Thought, Well, Im Up For Saying Lots Of Things.But Maybe I Was Being Guarded, Or Trying To Make Everything Very Palatable, Or Funny, And Therefore I Never Seemed To Say Anything That Really Cut Through The Mist Of Being A Performer, An Actor, And A Personality Of Some Sort.Then, Toward The End Of The Film, I Started Talking About My Mother, Who Died When I Was Six And Thats When I Said Something Revelatory I Know Why Im Doing All This, I Said Everything I Do In Life Is Trying To Get Her Back I Think If I Do Enough Thingsthat Maybe Shell Come Back.I Remember That When I Said Those Words In The Film It Didnt Feel Like It Was Really Me Talking Because It Wasnt My Conscious Brain Talking It Was My Subconscious Brain And For Some Reason It Was Saying Heres Whats Really Going On Heres A Note To Yourself Something Like That.I Think Its True I Think Trying To Bring My Mother Back Is At The Base Of Everything Im Doing, And Everything Ive Ever Done On Top Of That, Of Course, There Is Also Ego And A Love Of Adventure And Trying To Be, As Billy C Would Say, Windswept And Interesting But Its Quite A Moment In The Film And It Was Quite A Moment In My Life So This Book Is Intended To Give You A Chance To Sit Inside My Head, Behind My Eyes, For A Bit Im Trying To Share Thoughts And Feelings That I May Not Have Covered In The Documentary And That I Dont Normally Talk About In My Standup.In A Way, Ive Tried To Live My Life Like A Film Im Trying To Do Interesting Things So That Somebody Notices Or So That Maybe My Mother Notices, From Beyond The Mists Of The Living Real Life Is Actually A Lot Of Boring Things With Occasional Spikes Of Interest If You Look At Films Of Peoples Lives, They Tend To Focus On Only One Aspect Of It Because The Whole Life Doesnt Quite Work As A Story We Know How We Like Our Stories, And They Have To Go Down To The Bottom At The End Of The Second Act, And Then Come Back Up And Win At The End Of The Third Act Stories Dont Really Have To Be Like That, But That Does Get Our Motors Going Real Life Doesnt Play That Way, Which Is Why Id Like To Thank Sarah Townsend For Making My Life Look Interesting In The Documentary, Even Though My Life Is Lots Of Boring Bits With Occasional Spikes Of Interestingness She Took All The Boring Bits Out She Got An Emmy Nomination For Best Documentary For The Film Which Means That My Life Story Got A Nomination For Trying To Be Interesting, Even Though I Know The Truth.So This Is Itan Autobiographya Walk Through My Lifein A Nonlinear Way Belief Or,likely, Selfbelief, Is Central To What I Have Done, And That Probably Applies To Anyone Whose Life Could Be Deemed Unusual But I Do Also Know Selfbelief Can Be Used In A Good Or A Bad Way Some People With Tremendous Selfbelief Are Complete Psychotic Mass Murderers So If You Have A Negative Heart, Then Please Dont Read This Book But If You Have A Positive Heart, Then Please Do Read This Book Because I Have Worked Certain Things Out In Life I Think There Are Certain Patterns To The Way Human Beings Behave And I Believe If You Have Analysis In One Hand And Instinct In The Other Hand, You Can Go A Long Way And Live A Life That Is Truly Memorable.Anyway Have A Read Here We GoCe Texte Fait R F Rence L Dition Reli.If You Are A Fan Of Eddie Izzard, Then You Will Love This Book If You Are Not A Fan Of Eddie Izzard, Then There Is A Good Chance That This Book Will Make You One The Experience Is Akin To Him Sitting Down And Having A Chat With You, Which, We Can All Agree, Sounds Delightful.Thomas Burns Scully, Popdust.com A Candid New BookThe Comedic Tour De Force Eddie Izzard Opens Up About His Mother S Death, Coming Out As Transgender, And His Quest For Romantic Love Catie Lazarus, OutMagazine Beloved British Comedian Eddie Izzard Writes With The Same Wit And Candor That Characterizes His Stand Up And Tackleshis Sexuality, His Troubled Childhood, And The Tumultuous Early Days Of His Career, Even As He Recounts His Many Excellent Roles, Albums, And Tours Maris Kreizman, VultureWhat Believe Me Adds Is The Larger Context Of The Life Not Just What Thrills Eddie Izzard , But What Wounds Him And What Drives HimThere Isto It Than Sadness, However Izzards Chronicle Is Reminiscent Of His Shows, A Stream Of Surprising Associations, Full Of Footnotes And Copious Asides On Subjects Like NASA And Action Man.Nick A Zaino III, The Boston GlobeGetting A Peek Behind The Curtain With Regards To A Guy Like This Is A Rare Treat Believe Me Is That Peek, A Glimpse At The Inner Workings, The Gears And Cogs That Make A Unique Personality Such As Eddie Izzard TickAll Of It Is Engaging And Heartfelt And Unwaveringly Honest And Oh Yeah Its Pretty Freaking Funny Too The Maine Edge Laughter Trumps Sorrow In Candid Comedian Eddie Izzards Believe Me.Sloane Crosley, Vanity FairBeloved Comedian, Actor, And Writer Izzardshares Intimate Details About His Life And Is Emotionally Transparent Throughout This Splendid MemoirThe Book Is Both Funny And Painful, And Ultimately Uplifting Publishers WeeklyA Wicked, Beautiful Man Has Written A Wicked, Beautiful Book About His Kind Of Messed Up Life And Itsperfect.Patton OswaltThis Book Is A Raw, Honest Exploration Of What It Means To Live Your Truth, To Be Unapologetically Ambitious, And To Walk Through Fear Over And Over Again Its About Being Brave And Hilarious It Reminded Me That Walking Through Fear Almost Always Leads To Happiness Chelsea HandlerI Had Never Heard Of Eddie Izzard Before, But Judging By This Delightful Memoir, He Has A Glittering Career Ahead Of Him I Particularly Enjoyed His Descriptions Of Working In A Vatican Slaughterhouse, Acting As Deputy Foreign Minister In Gladstones First Administration, His Whacky Exploits At His Uncles Taxidermy Cafe, And His Tragic Death At The Age Of Only Eight At The Morris Dancing Finals In Bruges John Cleese Eddie Izzard Is My Favorite Stand Up Chameleon Eric Idle Ce Texte Fait R F Rence L Dition Reli.

About the Author: Eddie Izzard

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Believe Me : A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Eddie Izzard auteurs dans le monde.

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