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This is not fashion : Streetwear past, present and future Lireing This Is Not Fashion Streetwear Past, Present And Future Par King Adz Liversite.co.uk A Go To Guide To Untangling One Of The Fastest Growing Ans Most Influential Movements In Contemporary Clothing Today Hunger TVCompiled By Youth Culture Oracle King Adz And Visual Artist Wilma Stone, This Is Not Fashion Follows Streetwear On Its Journey From The Thrift Shops Of Jersey City In The Early Seventies To Every Catwalk In The World ShortlistThis Most Exciting Book On Fashion For A While Metro This Is Not Fashion Streetwear Past, Present And Future Connects The Dots Between Various Subcultures And Highlights Their Relationship With Streetwear Mr Porter Provides Fashion Enthusiasts With A Definitive Guide Of The Fastest Growing And Most Influential Movement In Contemporary Clothing Creative BloomThis Is The Story Of Streetwear King ADZ And Wilma Stone Recount How A Long Line Of Subcultural Movements Have Been Incorporated Into A Multi Billion Dollar Global Industry And Taken Over Both The High Street And High End Fashion Starting From The Building Blocks Of Repurposed Sportswear, Workwear And Combat Wear, They Explain Just How It Is That A Revolutionary Sartorial Trend Has Evolved To Encompass A Vast Range Of Disparate Tribes, Offering A Powerful Sense Of Belonging And Identity To All The Story Begins In 1972, In Jersey City, USA, With The Birth Of The First Ever Streetwear Shop, Trash And Vaudeville The Journey Then Encompasses Punk, Ivy League Preppies, The Hip Hop Kings And Queens Of Harlem, The Dresser Casual Movement Born Out Of British Football Culture, The Skater Scene Of California, The Paninari Scooter Brats Of Milan, And MuchWe Are Shown How Streetwear, Worn With Integrity And Swagger, Has Transcended Culture, Race, Gender And Age To Become A Lasting Worldwide Phenomenon Whether Focusing On Major Brands Such As St Ssy, Carhartt, Tommy Hilfiger And SHUT Or Today S Up And Comers From South African Townships Or Downtown Seoul, This Dynamic Study Surveys The Scene It Also Takes A Look At How The Internet Era Has Changed The Ways Streetwear Is Sold And Consumed, And How The Field May Evolve In The Future Packed With Profiles Of Industry Pioneers, Q As With Key Figures And Over 300 Illustrations, This Is The Complete History Of Fashion S Fastest Growing And Most Influential Movement.Table Of ContentsForeword Introduction A Definition Of Streetwear Wardrobe Essentials Year Dot Punk Preppy Dresser Casual Hip Hop Club Rave Paniani The Places Stussy Skate Surfwear Internet Era The Future

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