Top 6 of the World s Strangest Wedding Customs

While weddings are universal affairs, it is the various traditions and customs associated with this ceremony that are as varied as the human race itself. Want to know how some of us exchange their wedding vows – and, more importantly, what happens before and after the wedding?

Welcome to the 6 strangest wedding customs around the world!

1. India. A very traditional custom is for the bride’s sisters and cousins to hide the groom’s shoes when he arrives at their house for the wedding. Indian customs demand that shows be removed at the entrance of the mandap or altar where the wedding is solemnised, and that is the when the groom’s shoes are ‘stolen’. It is a battle of wits and ingenuity between the bride’s family, that does its best to steal the shoes, and the groom’s family that tries to protect them at all costs. There is much laughter and teasing. If the bride’s relatives succeed in stealing the shoes, the poor groom has to shell out whatever amount the girls demand to get his footwear back.

2. Scotland. Perhaps the honour for the weirdest wedding custom goes to Scotland where ‘Blackening the bride’ is practised as an important pre-wedding ritual. Of course, the poor bride has absolutely no idea just when she will be bombarded with the foulest of substances – she is taken totally by surprise. Her friends throw black liquid, eggs, sauces and any other revolting substance they can lay their hands on. The ordeal doesn’t end here. After being blackened, the bride-to-be is paraded all through town!

3. Germany. Shattering a large number of porcelain or glass dishes prior to the wedding is a long-held German tradition. The bride and groom have to clean up the mess themselves. The belief behind this seemingly destructive act is that it will bring the couple good luck. Another custom more common in the villages of Germany is ‘kidnapping the bride’ by friends of both, the bride and the groom, and having the groom to hunt for her. The third custom is ‘log sawing’ in which a log is placed between two sawhorses and both the newlyweds have to work together to saw it in half.

4. Poland. In keeping with an ancient Polish tradition, the groom and his parents arrive at the bride’s house before the wedding, where both sets of parents bless the couple. Another quaint old custom is to prepare ‘passing gates’ that leads to the reception venue for the newlyweds. The couple has to ‘bribe’ their way through by offering vodka to the ‘gate keepers’. At the reception gate, the newlywed couple is accorded a warm welcome by the parents with the traditional bread and salt. While the bread signifies prosperity, salt represents hardship of life which the couple will face together.

5. Sweden. There are two customs that dominate a Swedish wedding – coins in the bride’s shoes and kissing the guests. Her father places a silver coin in her left shoe while a gold coin from her mother is placed in her right shoe, symbolising that she will never be in want. At the wedding reception, the guests await an opportunity to kiss either the bride or the groom, sometimes both of the stars are favourable! If the groom goes out of the room for a while, all the male guests get to kiss the bride, and vice versa – all in a queue though.

6. France. The French have a wedding night prank that goes by the name of ‘Chiverie’. In this, the friends and relatives of the newly weds gather outside their room and get busy clanging and banging assorted pots and pans. The din is intended to disturb the resting couple, and have them come out in their wedding attire. They are then expected to provide refreshments to the ‘trespassers’.

The Best Wedding Cars

Your wedding day is probably the most special day of your life every detail must be taken care of. Finding the best wedding car which fits in with your overall theme and image can be difficult.

When deciding on your mode of transport to and from the wedding you have to consider all the elements which contribute to the look of your occasion. The dress, where the wedding will be held, flowers and even the time of year are all important factors. The reason why they are so important is because they will all contribute to how you and your guests will remember your big day. Anything which is out of place may ruin the overall look.

The best way to choose your car is to categorise and compare them to your wedding plans. This way you will be able to immediately discount any inappropriate vehicles. There are classic, vintage, modern and limousine cars. These are usually the most popular types of car used for weddings.

Classic Cars for Traditional Weddings

If you are planning a traditional wedding maybe at a Church you may want to choose a classic car. These cars are large, luxurious and elegant. Most people like silver or white cars with pink ribbons for a traditional wedding look. There are a few wedding cars which fit in with this theme perfectly. The Daimler DS420 is a seven seat limousine they are large and spacious and are regularly used by royalty for special occasions. Lots of wedding car companies provide them and they certainly add an air of sophistication to any wedding. The Bentley MkVI is another classic car which is gorgeous to look at and has a presence which really does magnify the grandeur of a wedding.

Vintage Cars for Vintage Weddings

Vintage cars are beautiful vehicles which can take your special day back in time to a day when everything seemed more elegant and sophisticated. These vehicles are rare and are generally more expensive, but can make any day very special. There are quite a few to choose from as so many of these vehicles from this era look great as wedding cars. But one that really stands out as the perfect vintage carriage is the 1935 Rolls-Royce; it has wide doors making it easy to get in and out of and plenty of space in the back for a dress. This car is a pre-war classic and is a favourite for big prestigious events.

Moderns Cars for Chic Weddings

Nowadays cars are built to a different standard with sleek designs and unparalleled luxury, which cannot be matched by any other era. Most people choose modern luxury cars for the big day. You can choose a Mercedes-Benz S600, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental or even a Maybach, which is possibly the most luxurious and prestigious car in the world. These cars are relatively easy to book and you can often find competitive pricing making them affordable.

Have You Got What It Takes To Be a Wedding Photographer

15 wd

A wedding photography career is highly rewarding. Why shouldn’t it be; you are fulfilling your dream of earning money doing something you are passionate about and it can’t get better than that.

However, starting up in business is not for the faint hearted; there is a steep learning curve and you may fall and pick yourself up several times. The key is not to give up at any hurdle. Perseverance is the key to success. Most people make mistakes within the first year whether this is under pricing, taking on undesirable clients or choosing the wrong suppliers. In fact you never stop learning in this business and that is what keeps it interesting. You may well fall into nearly every trap there is but in the long run it is a good exercise to go through, as you never make the same mistakes again. So, do not be disappointed and give up when things seem an uphill struggle. It is a necessary and invaluable learning experience.

I always say that a successful wedding photography business is wedding photography and wedding sales, marketing and smooth administration. You may know some fantastic photographers set up in business only to fall flat on their faces as they lack the other essential sales and marketing skills that are so needed; good business acumen together with clever and effective sales and marketing is the key to great success in this industry. At the same time, you will see average but consistent photographers succeed in business as they have the 50/50 balance almost perfect and are brilliant at marketing themselves.

Wedding photography is not an easy career path to coast along. Although extremely enjoyable and rewarding, (especially when you see the delighted faces of the couple viewing their precious keepsake photos full of fond memories), it can also be very stressful without the right training and experience. There are no second chances to re-shoot if all goes wrong and you must remember you are capturing one of the most, if not the most momentous day in a man and a womans’ life together. This day will have been planned months if not years beforehand, hence the expectations of you are naturally high. Experience will give you the confidence to perform but you can still get butterflies before every wedding shoot!

The digital age has revolutionised wedding photography. It has made the business more creative, easier to manage in comparison to film, flexible with no more expensive processing of numerous rolls of film as well as allowing the flexibility in Photoshop to manipulate and be creative.

It feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders when you can shoot 600 photos without panicking about processing costs and having to change rolls of film. However, along with digital comes extra processing time at the computer and a lot of skills to master to reduce this time spent. It is essential to understand what you are doing in the digital world and it can be a steep learning curve but one well worth venturing along as the rewards are great.

This career demands you have to be technically competent, great with people, have good business sense, a creative eye and you have to get it right first time as there are no second chances. Quite a tall order!

There is a lot of competition out there and your job is to ensure that you stand out from that crowd in some way. The more experience you gain, the more relaxed, professional and creative you become and only then can you see your hard efforts really paying off. This booklet is aimed at passing on essential knowledge on all aspects of digital wedding photography to give you the confidence you need to proceed.

But remember, at the start, you may have a limited budget and this needs to be spent wisely. It is unnecessary to invest in top of the range digital SLR cameras, tripods, computers etc. You can pick up a good digital SLR for anywhere between 700 to 1000 – leave the higher spec cameras until the money is flowing in.

It is essential that you invest in good training as well. Learn from photographers who have already achieved great success in the industry. Follow what they do and learn how they made it to the top. It is no good investing in training with someone who has done just a few weddings and is now trying to teach it to others. Check the trainers out to make sure they have substantial experience in shooting weddings and have shown great success in it.