A Wedding Vow is Sacred

A Wedding is a sacred ritual in which two people in love make a vow before God to love one another and share their life together. It is also much more than that as we promise to obey and respect each other. Marriage is a sacred trust that should never be entered into lightly and yet some people will put more thought into buying a car than whether they should get married. They do not consider that they are devoting a lifetime to another person. This is such an awesome responsibility that it staggers the mind.

This kind of commitment is made everyday as people in love tie the knot and move forward with the hopes that their lives together will be rich and fulfilling. Hope springs eternal in the human heart when it comes to matters of love. People grow and change and with any luck, they will grow together rather than apart. There are so many things that could happen that can affect a marriage that it has to have a good, solid foundation of love if it is to have any chance to succeed.

It is sad to think about how many marriages fail when they start out so well. Some couples will never get past the first five years before they have drifted or grown apart. They do not realize that you have to work together every single day to make a marriage work. If they think the most important decision they will make is what kind of bridal shower favors to get then they may be doomed already. Wedding shower favors are important but the most important decision you will ever make is to get married and everything else is a distant second.

Of all the things that will strengthen a couple’s decision to get married, the wedding is right up there at the top of the list. It does not have to be an expensive, all out affair. Even if you get married without a wedding in the middle of the night with a justice of the peace, the important thing is how you remember it. Will you remember the flowers and the food, or will you just remember the look in your bride’s eyes. If you remember the love you feel for the person you are marrying more than the wedding itself, you are off to a great start.

A wedding is a great statement of love and how you are committed to each other but it is not the love itself, nor is it the commitment, which comes from your heart not your wallet. Two people in love will not care as much about the size and cost of the wedding as the look in each other’s eyes when they say their vows. That is not to say that the wedding is not important at all because it is. It is just not as important as the love you feel for each other.

When you are one hundred percent sure that you are in an all time, one of a kind, spend your life together kind of love that will last a lifetime, then go for it and plan the best wedding possible. Start building those memories that will help to strengthen your marriage and your love. Stand before God and your family and friends and say those magic words that will carry you through the rest of your lives. Everyone who attends and some who do not are praying for you and your lives together.

Top 10 Ways To Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

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In this article you will find easy to follow tips on how to stay within your wedding budget.

  1. Do the Math. If the food costs $100 per plate cutting your guest list down by 10 people would save you $1000!
  1. Skip the champagne toast. Allow your guests to toast with whatever beverage they have in their hands. 1 bottle=10 pours; 200 guests=$1400!
  1. Create a realistic guest list. I’ve often heard brides confess that they wish they could get quite a few people to decline coming to the wedding. One bride was hoping for a huge drop from a 325 invitees to 250 actual confirmations. Perhaps limiting the +1’s may be more realistic.
  1. No Children. It can be a bit touchy to say no children allowed, but the truth is, weddings are typically more of an adult gathering because alcohol is commonly served at these events. So if you are having your wedding reception at a hotel, you can rent a room or two for close family children. You can hire a relative or two to watch the kids and rent movies and order pizza. This is a really great way to have your cake and eat it too!
  1. Backyard/Non-traditional Venue Option. Having your wedding reception at a backyard or non-traditional venue could potentially cost you more. Keep in mind that you will need to rent and build everything from scratch. (ie. hiring a delivery company to deliver, setup and break down everything.)
  1. Traditional Venue Option. Reception space that already has the tables, linens and built in décor could be a less expensive option than non-traditional ones.
  1. Delivery/Setup Fees. When choosing a rental company be mindful of delivery fees. The fees can range from $50-$500. It may be more cost efficient to use more expensive companies that have the delivery fees built into the cost. Hint..hint… that dream wedding venue!
  1. Wedding Day. Saturdays are in high demand so choosing to have your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday could save you almost 50{2e53a237aeb90f885de2e0fdcc14b3a7b9abb817acc137c675f80d8beed358fd}. You can still get high quality service at a fraction of the cost. Or maybe even book that dream venue that was way over budget by having your wedding on one of these “less in demand” days.
  1. Overages. Keep in mind that you’ve budgeted for a certain time frame for the wedding vendors. You and your guests may be having such a good time celebrating that you aren’t ready for the night to end. So be sure you ask your vendors well in advance how much they will charge for additional time so there are no surprises.
  1. Shop, Shop, Shop! Search for bargains everywhere. Wedding classifieds are available at your fingertips to find great deals from gently or once used linens and table décor to veil’s, bridal belts and sash’s.

Best Wedding Wishes

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Coming up with the best wedding wishes can be nerve- racking. One of the best ways to wish a couple well is by using quotations on marriage and love. Expressing these quotations can be done in several ways when attending Ontario weddings or Mississauga weddings.

For instance, one can express their best wedding wishes at the rehearsal dinner. This activity is a dinner traditionally held by the groom’s family. Thus, it can act as an ideal forum to wish the couple well. If the couple were, having a Toronto wedding then it would be prudent to adequately research on the methodology of organizing a Toronto rehearsal dinner. It is usually as informal or formal as the couple wish it to be and its held so as to better acquaint members of the opposite families with each other.

Another way of expressing best wedding wishes is through a wedding card. Either these cards are bought with a pre-existing message on or alternatively they are acquired as blank cards. This makes for a personalized wish that can be a quote from a number of available sources. One can also expressively thank the couple on their Ontario wedding if the wedding is taking place in Ontario.

A wedding videographer can record best wedding wishes on the wedding video. Thus, it is highly important for one to remain composed and speak clearly to ensure that the purpose and message of the wish is captured. One could also relay their wishes to the couple as they stepped off the wedding limousine or right before the wedding DJ kicked off the festivities. Thus, these wishes could be captured onto video by the wedding videographer for posterity. Best wedding wishes can be expressed on the index cards that are placed inside wedding card boxes. Hence, it is important to ensure that the wedding wish is not only complementary, but the wish is of considerably memorable.

A wedding reception provides one with an audience to confer their best wedding wishes. Thus, it is prudent to adequately prepare oneself for this honor. This is because wedding photos taken during this session tend to portray the culmination of the event. This is because since wedding pictures are meant for continuous reference, one should intend the best for this moment. This is because both Mississauga photographers and Toronto photographers are well suited for their trade ensuring that these images are of high esteem.

Another way of expressing best wedding wishes is during a wedding toast or speech. Apart from this, a speech one could be utilized to thank the couple for the invitation to share in their proclamation of love to each other. The bride and groom can also toast each other and thank the guests for attending their Mississauga wedding or Toronto wedding. Expressing one’s best wedding wishes by way of notation on the guest book is yet another way that one can express their wishes to the couple. These either can be personally generated or quotes originating from a varied array of choices.

Best Wedding Planning Advice

Everyone wants to have a romantic, almost magical wedding. Brides are in search of the best wedding planning advice to make sure the wedding they plan will be perfect in every possible way. There are a hundred and one things to do when it comes to planning a wedding so a bride will need all the help she can get. The following are some wedding tips to guide any bride through this stressful time.

The best wedding planning advice that should be given to any bride is to plan as early as possible. Set a date that is appropriate for the wedding so that there is plenty of time to iron out all the details. The closer to the actual date of the wedding, the more stressful the bride will be. She needs to set a timeline for herself way ahead of time so she will know exactly what comes next each step of the way. When there is less guesswork, there is less room for error.

After creating a timeline, it’s important to set a wedding budget. Every couple expects to spend a significant amount of money on their big day, however being able to stick to a budget is what makes some couples come out on top. You want to be prepared for all of the expenses instead of getting hit with a hefty bill after the celebration is over. One of the best wedding planning advice is to set a budget that you can afford. Start looking for the wedding photographer, entertainment, dress, caterer, and other vendors months before the wedding date so you have enough time to compare prices. If you don’t think you can afford to invite too many guests, then keep the guest list to a minimum.

Booking a venue for the wedding, deciding on which vendors to use and finding the perfect dress are all incredibly important parts of the wedding planning process. The best way to find the ideal venue, vendors and dress is to shop around. Don’t go with the first thing you see. Get as much information as possible before coming to a decision. It’s crucial to have a handful of other options to be able to compare. That way you won’t likely second guess your decisions down the road.

If you want to get more great wedding planning ideas, turn to your computer and visit popular wedding websites on the Internet. You can find lots of wedding tips online that are very helpful. There you can look for advice from real brides who have gone through what you are going through. They’ve been there before so you can learn from their mistakes or copy what worked.

To sum everything up, plan your wedding in advance. This way, you can deal with the problems early, making the wedding less stressful. After all, the planning and preparation should be fun. You don’t want to suffer from feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Get the important things out of the way first and then you will be able to enjoy the rest of the wedding planning process.