Have You Got What It Takes To Be a Wedding Photographer

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A wedding photography career is highly rewarding. Why shouldn’t it be; you are fulfilling your dream of earning money doing something you are passionate about and it can’t get better than that.

However, starting up in business is not for the faint hearted; there is a steep learning curve and you may fall and pick yourself up several times. The key is not to give up at any hurdle. Perseverance is the key to success. Most people make mistakes within the first year whether this is under pricing, taking on undesirable clients or choosing the wrong suppliers. In fact you never stop learning in this business and that is what keeps it interesting. You may well fall into nearly every trap there is but in the long run it is a good exercise to go through, as you never make the same mistakes again. So, do not be disappointed and give up when things seem an uphill struggle. It is a necessary and invaluable learning experience.

I always say that a successful wedding photography business is wedding photography and wedding sales, marketing and smooth

Top 10 Ways To Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

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In this article you will find easy to follow tips on how to stay within your wedding budget.

  1. Do the Math. If the food costs $100 per plate cutting your guest list down by 10 people would save you $1000!
  1. Skip the champagne toast. Allow your guests to toast with whatever beverage they have in their hands. 1 bottle=10 pours; 200 guests=$1400!
  1. Create a realistic guest list. I’ve often heard brides confess that they wish they could get quite a few people to decline coming to the wedding. One bride was hoping for a huge drop from a 325 invitees to 250 actual confirmations. Perhaps limiting the +1’s may be more realistic.
  1. No Children. It can be a bit touchy to say no children allowed, but the truth is, weddings are typically more of an adult gathering because alcohol is commonly served at these events. So if you are having your wedding reception at a hotel, you can rent a room or two for close family children. You can hire a relative or two to watch the kids and rent movies and

Best Wedding Wishes

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Coming up with the best wedding wishes can be nerve- racking. One of the best ways to wish a couple well is by using quotations on marriage and love. Expressing these quotations can be done in several ways when attending Ontario weddings or Mississauga weddings.

For instance, one can express their best wedding wishes at the rehearsal dinner. This activity is a dinner traditionally held by the groom’s family. Thus, it can act as an ideal forum to wish the couple well. If the couple were, having a Toronto wedding then it would be prudent to adequately research on the methodology of organizing a Toronto rehearsal dinner. It is usually as informal or formal as the couple wish it to be and its held so as to better acquaint members of the opposite families with each other.

Another way of expressing best wedding wishes is through a wedding card. Either these cards are bought with a pre-existing message on or alternatively they are acquired as blank cards. This makes for a personalized wish that can be a quote from a number of available

Six Ways to Beat Wedding Speech Nerves

If you’re due to do a wedding speech, chances are you’ll at some point feel the dreaded nerves descend on you (if you haven’t already). It’s a horrible feeling: that fear of making a fool of yourself, not knowing what to say, no-one laughing at your jokes…

For some people the nerves get so bad that they either ruin their day completely or they just point blank refuse to do a speech.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, nerves are horrible things, but they can be mastered and controlled so they don’t ruin your day. Here are some ways that you can stop your nerves from taking over.

You are not alone
In surveys, time and again fear of public speaking comes top of lists of popular phobias: ahead of heights, snakes and even fear of dying. So you really are not alone in being even a little bit nervous.

Everyone in your position feels exactly the same way, no matter how confident they seem on the surface. So it will come as no surprise to anyone if you admit to having some fears at standing up and speaking: it’d be more

The Best Wedding Gowns for Every Season

A wedding dress is not just any dress – it is the dress, the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear in your entire life. That’s why it is so important to find the perfect wedding gown, one which truly makes you look and feel unbelievable. Make your wedding dress search easier by learning about the best wedding gowns for every season.

The perfect bridal gown has to do more than merely make the bride look like a goddess (although that is a great start!); it also needs to suit the season, fit in with the venue, and personify the overall theme of the wedding. While venues and themes will vary, there are certain details which are always appealing when in season. For a spring wedding, think romance and flowers. A feminine organza wedding dress accented with delicate organza petals would be delightful for an April or May bride. A floral lace is lovely for an ultra-romantic bride. If your style is more dramatic, opt for an over-the-top three-dimensional floral applique all over the skirt of a strapless wedding gown. It is a haute couture style that will make you look like you just stepped

Find What The Best Wedding Dresses Are

Are you planning a wedding? To plan a great wedding, and have a successful day, you need to consider finding the best wedding dress for the occasion. In this article, we will look at options that can make that a reality.

As the bride is the main focal point of the wedding, you want to make sure that you find the best dress for the occasion.

The good news is that there are a lot of options out there, and in each area, you can often find many different options when it comes to buying wedding dresses.

The first thing to realize though, is that the wedding industry has fashion dress trends, like in any kind of fashion industry. This makes finding the best options, something that is going to need some research, as they change designs every season.

So, how do you find the best wedding dresses for right now? There are a few options that you can go with.

For example, the first place to look, is through the wedding magazines, which will often contain many different ideas for the latest fashion greats.

Often you will find that there are

Choosing the Best Wedding Dress for You

Every bride wants to look picture perfect for her wedding day. Choosing the best wedding dress for you will help you create that perfect wedding day photo album to share with loved ones for years to come. There are many bridal boutiques and wedding fashion stores that carry a wide variety of dresses. The higher end boutiques also create unique wedding gowns specifically for their clients. A wedding dress from a specialty boutique can be one of the more expensive routes of getting your gown for your wedding, but if you have the budget to afford such a luxury, you’ll be able to ensure your dress is exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re like most women, you’ll have a more constrictive budget, requiring you to be more frugal with your choices. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the uniqueness of your gown or the beauty of the dress you choose. You may just need to be a little more inventive, and shop around a bit. Establishing your budget in advance and sticking to it will help you have the wedding day of your dreams. There’s no worse way to start your life together than

Best Wedding Dress Choose As Per Season

One of the biggest moments for any girl that comes once in a life time is her wedding. There are a lot of professional people out there now who work as a guide to design and select the best wedding dresses from one and all.

There are many couples who wish to get married in the summer season. In order to select the dress for wedding in the summer take into account the weather conditions well. At this time a short wedding dress would be the perfect choice for every bride. It must be light in weight and also not too bright and ornamental. This would also mean that she would be going for the cheap wedding dresses. The first look to be tried on is the wedding gowns that are silky. These are breathable and give a comfortable feeling. They are the ones that top the charts for bridal dresses.

Another thing is that, it is always better to buy a new dress instead of renting one as the new silk which has never been washed displays the best look. But certainly you can look for the discount wedding dresses. To get cool feel, buy

Wedding Planning Marketing Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Never forget, to win over wedding planning clients you need to make it easy for them to find you, like you and trust you. Find out what your client really wants and show her how you can help her make her dream come true.

Be approachable. One wedding planner wanted to seem more professional so she bought a voicemail system that made each caller go through a maze of prompts. Even though the planner was a one-woman shop, callers had to endure “Press One for Weddings, Press Two for Vendor Relations,” and so on. This only succeeded in making her sound as cold and impersonal as the phone company. Answer your phone, write handwritten notes and act human!

Gift Yourself. Make it easy for brides to hire you. Consider offering a gift certificate program for your services. Make it easy for the bride’s friends and family to sponsor your fee by prominently displaying this option on your marketing materials.

Sponsor. Why wait for the perfect bridal show to happen? You can put together a terrific show at a profit by teaming up with event professionals who want to reach the bridal market.

Network. True networking goes well beyond business card

Four Reasons Why the Best Man Should Give the Best Wedding Speech of All

Best Man at an upcoming wedding? Congratulations! No doubt you’ve been asked to give a wedding speech. Make sure you are ready and confident about giving the best wedding speech possible. Here are some really good reasons why a Best Man should never be unprepared when giving a wedding speech:

The first reason is, this is your time to shine. All eyes will be on you, and your “five minutes of fame” will be forever recorded digitally. Imagine if you were to “wing it,” and you bombed. There would be a lot of people who would never let you live it down. Someone might post it on the Internet, and you could be the main feature of everyone’s funniest video!

The second reason is, you are the Best Man, dude. You are the groom’s closest buddy, his best pal, his dearest confidant. If you make a bad speech, your friendship might very well be in jeopardy! Your best friend deserves more thought than a sloppily slapped together, rambling piece of communication that might trivialize the event, or even spoil it. Be prepared!

The third reason to make sure your speech is well-prepared is, a wedding

Best Wedding Songs For Your Dream Day

There are many things couples need to do when it comes to planning their wedding and especially when it comes to their wedding reception. During the wedding reception the most beautiful things happens, mostly because this is the way in which people decide to celebrate their beautiful union, by sharing the emotional moment with all of their closest friends and family members.

One of the most important things in the entire wedding reception is the music. Given that at wedding parties people need to have fun, there is no better way to assure the fun but by playing the perfect music. The traditional American wedding reception start with the first dance of the bride and groom, is then followed by the father-bride dance and mother-groom dance and then, the dance floor can be invaded by all the wedding guests. You can play anything, from Adele (with tracks such as “Someone Like You” or “Rolling in the Deep”) to Lady Gaga (ideal when you are looking for a track with a little more rhythm).

The music chosen for the wedding reception is extremely important, as it needs to include all types of songs, as there are different

Top 6 of the World s Strangest Wedding Customs

While weddings are universal affairs, it is the various traditions and customs associated with this ceremony that are as varied as the human race itself. Want to know how some of us exchange their wedding vows – and, more importantly, what happens before and after the wedding?

Welcome to the 6 strangest wedding customs around the world!

1. India. A very traditional custom is for the bride’s sisters and cousins to hide the groom’s shoes when he arrives at their house for the wedding. Indian customs demand that shows be removed at the entrance of the mandap or altar where the wedding is solemnised, and that is the when the groom’s shoes are ‘stolen’. It is a battle of wits and ingenuity between the bride’s family, that does its best to steal the shoes, and the groom’s family that tries to protect them at all costs. There is much laughter and teasing. If the bride’s relatives succeed in stealing the shoes, the poor groom has to shell out whatever amount the girls demand to get his footwear back.

2. Scotland. Perhaps the honour for the weirdest wedding custom goes to Scotland where ‘Blackening the bride’

The Best Wedding Cars

Your wedding day is probably the most special day of your life every detail must be taken care of. Finding the best wedding car which fits in with your overall theme and image can be difficult.

When deciding on your mode of transport to and from the wedding you have to consider all the elements which contribute to the look of your occasion. The dress, where the wedding will be held, flowers and even the time of year are all important factors. The reason why they are so important is because they will all contribute to how you and your guests will remember your big day. Anything which is out of place may ruin the overall look.

The best way to choose your car is to categorise and compare them to your wedding plans. This way you will be able to immediately discount any inappropriate vehicles. There are classic, vintage, modern and limousine cars. These are usually the most popular types of car used for weddings.

Classic Cars for Traditional Weddings

If you are planning a traditional wedding maybe at a Church you may want to choose a classic car. These cars are large,